still waiting for bag from UK...

  1. I did a BIN on eBay, the seller tells me that it was shipped on Dec. 19th & I still haven't seen or heard a thing. How does one go about tracking something like that, & what should my next step be? I really don't want to be out over $140. :hysteric:
  2. how did she shipped it?
  3. If you paid via Paypal, I think you only have 40 days from time of auction to log a dispute???.

    If you are within the limit, then I would open an "Item not received" dispute immediately.

    Chances are, your item is still in the post, however, if it isn't then you'll loose your money if you don't open a dispute within the time allowed.

    Once you open the dispute, your seller will have to provide online tracking details to Paypal. If they don't you will get your money back.

    Good luck

  4. ^^^ Open a dispute so you don't miss out. Seller has 10 days to respond to Paypal with shipping information, seller will not ignore Paypal b/c they will just refund you.

    Good luck!