Still waiting...Anyone have experience with Chronopost?

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  1. I bought a LV Reporter from eeast-madison on December 4 and they shipped it on December 5 via Chronopost. I still haven't received it yet - and got the tracking number, but when I enter it on the US site, it says that no information is available. I contacted eeast-madison, and they said that it doesn't show up in the US system until it actually is in the US, so I have no idea what to do.

    I called the Chronopost number just now and they told me the same thing. I have been waiting for more than two weeks now and just am worried that it is lost somewhere. The cust. rep. said the holidays should only delay the package by a day, but I was planning on using it when I traveled this weekend.

    Sorry to vent:hysteric:....just don't like it when I have no idea how to find where something is.

    Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated:smile:
  2. Regret to say I have never even heard of Chronopost-please let us know how this plays out-sorry!
  3. I have had experience with Chronopost- from East Madison purchases.
    It does take sometime for the package to enter the United States and once it enters it goes to Custom's. When it is released from Customs- call them and they will give you the DHL tracking number. The package actually changes hands from Chronopost to DHL. Your package is not lost.. its just going to take sometime.
  4. Are Chronopost packages delivered by Fedex or DHL? I purchased an item from a seller in France and was told it shipped on Aug 17. When I entered the given tracking number on the Chronopost site it did not recognize the number. I entered it on the La Poste site today (France's national mailing service, like USPS) and said it was accepted on Aug 17 and was given a new tracking number ("Attribution of additional consignment number). I entered the new tracking number on Chronopost and it directed me back to the original reference number. When entered on DHL and Fedex, both did not recognize the number.