Still upset with Manor bag.. need advice.....

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  1. I posted a while ago saying how i was upset with how my manor bag was holding up. I have the larger one in black leather. i have had this bag since october and now when i set it down on the floor or desk the back wall dosen't stay up straight.... it collapses... the front stands by itself but not the back.. i am getting so frustrated i dont know what to do. does anyone else have this problem? should i call burberry will they be able to do something? and manor owners- how do you store your manor? standing up, flat, etc..
    Thank you! any advice will help!
  2. I only have the mini manor, so I don't think it will be having that problem. But I see your frustration.
    I would call Burberry and ask them about it. If there's nothing they can or will do, try using a purseket/pursebrite in it. I use it for my LV speedy and it doesn't sag with it (without it it does a bit)...

  3. hi. i own a large manor as well and i have the EXACT same problem.

    you mean like this right? --->


    i have the same problem soon after i started using it alot. :Push:

    what i do to keep it in shape is when it is not in used, i keep it stuff with newspapers and put it in the dustbag to maintain its form. for such an expensive handbag, it was irritating at first but i learned how to deal with it. :upsidedown:

  4. that is exactly what i am talking about!!!!! I can't believe a 1700 dollar bag would do that.... i am going to try to stuff it like you said. thank you!! if anyone else has anymore ideas please share..
  5. Ugh that must be annoying :Push: Must be the heavy hardware towards the top of the bag that's causing it.
  6. My big Manor is made of patent, so it's pretty solid and hasn't caved in yet. My MiniManor is softer, but when it's filled with my stuff there is just no way for it to lose its shape. I think it's a problem with the size/soft leather combination.
    But you're right, such an expensive bag shouldn't do that!
    Regina :sad:
  7. I saw two of those manors in the outlet this weekend. They had exactly the same problem.. It's just that part where there's fabric that isn't firm enough to stay straight.
  8. I called burberry and they said that if i bring it to a store they can look at it. the only problem is that i am away at school right now in Indiana and their is no burberry here.... I am going to wait till i go back to my house in NY and then bring it. They said i could ship it to a store also but that is annoying so i might as well wait.
  9. Good Luck with that! I believe that it is so frustrating and the heavy hardware may have to do with it. Let us know.

  10. Hey babe, i have the same bag in the full leather quilt, patent, and the housecheck and the slicenickel...what i realised is that this only happens with my housecheck one (the one with the cotton and the leather combination). In a sense, i understand your frustration but also i think its only natural the bag is doing so because the leather handles and hardwares are very thick and heavier than the cotton bit, so when you sit it down, naturally it will collapse.also consider that the side wall bit is not reinforced with like -for example a thick piece of plastic inside it, thus making it slouch (think in a sense like the speedy bag in normal monogram compared to the speedy in epi) what the others said about storing it is right-just try to stuff papers in it to make it remain standing when ur not using it. With my patent, slice check and leather it doesnt do so because the material is hard. but im guessing overtime, even my leather quilted one might slightly collapse too because leather only gets softer as it ages- ESPECIALLY when its calfskin leather (very soft and fragile) this is definetely not a defect in the product though. If you call burberry, im guessing theres nothing they could do because i highly doubt they are going to disassemble the whole bag etc etc. know what i mean? im sorry im not really giving an idea how to fix it, but im trying to make u see a different side to it?
  11. That is upsetting. I am hoping that the Mini Manor in leather will hold up better as I just treated myself to one in the chocolate brown. It will be in good company: 3rd Burberry bag; 2 trench coats, jeans with novacheck pinstripe; wool, fringed poncho and oversized wool scarf :smile:
  12. You can try one of those bag organizers! I am sorry, IDK what they are called, but I know a lot of people on the LV foum us them. They hold all your stuff in an organized manor, but they may also help to hold up the sides. I will see if I can figure out what they say that it is!:tup:
  13. Ok the thing that I was thinking of is called a pursekette and it is apparently all over eBay!:upsidedown:
  14. i actually have this bag as well and dont have a problem! take a look at my link below!