Still Undecided!

  1. okay I have narrowed it down to two bags I can get for my B-day. I'm just getting $200, instead of a bought gift, so more options for me. (BTW, I'm 4'10".)

    I can either:

    Splurge Nov.17th and get the Top Handle Pouch Carly(in Chocolate)?


    Save up and get the Small Peony Tote?
    choco_carly.jpg peony tote.jpg
  2. Small peony tote! I think it's so cute!
  3. peony!!!!
  4. Although I am crazy about brown especially the choco siggy, I pick the peony, too.
  5. another vote for peony!!! :yes:
  6. I love the peony tote. It is adorable!
  7. Wow, I think they're both beautiful. But the Peony is just so cute!
  8. I love them both too - this is a hard one! I guess it depends if you want to use it right now (then go for the Carly) or if you want to wait to save up (then choose the Peony - which I would probably save for spring)
  9. Peony, be/c it's so different and you probably won't see it coming & going.
  10. when is the peony supposed to be coming out??? is it up on the website -- BTW, another vote for peony -- its adorable!
  11. I think you can it(the peony) now, but it comes out (correct me if I am wrong) Nov. 1st?
  12. wow, the vote is pretty unanimous on the peony. i'm going to play devil's advocate: i vote carly! reason being is that i see the carly as a more classic piece. the peony is more of a seasonal or trend piece. i'm sure there are ladies who will say that the peony is not a trend piece and is the type of bag that you can wear every spring/summer! but to me, it's more of a trend.

    coach always creates new styles every spring/summer and fall/winter. for example, remember when the scribble came out? it was so successful and i loved the colors! but then coach came out with the pastel scribble. and then coach had the scarf print...and then the straw totes and the white signature with bumble bees! aaah, i couldn't choose among them, they were all to beautiful!

    but i don't see a lot of girls with those seasonal or trend bags anymore. i always see the signature wristlets, the signature demis, sohos, hobos, and other coach classics. every once in a while, i'll see the scribble. i'd hate to say this, but i feel that these trend pieces get outdated in about a year when coach launches new bags.

    personally, i'd go with the carly because it's a more classic piece that can be worn any season, and any year. at least, that's my two cents.:smile:

    let us know what you decide!
  13. I love the tote!
  14. Tote.
  15. My vote's for the peony too. Adorable!!!