still undecided... please help!


zee black bag

  1. black balenciaga twiggy

  2. black-on-black (patent CC) chanel cambon bowler

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  1. okay, i've been going back and forth for a long time.
    which black bag would you rather have? and please tell me why.

    the black balenciaga twiggy
    or black-on-black chanel cambon bowler?

    i fall in love with shapes of bags- so as you can see, i like the rectangular boxy shape.

    need guidance!!! thanks, girls! :smile:
  2. i'm biased..balenciaga all the way!!!!!:rochard:
  3. Me, too. :graucho: Black Balenciaga Twiggy! :love:
  4. you do realize you posted this in the B Forum!? LOL!
    I can move it to General if you like, you may get more unbiased votes.:shrugs:
  5. I have the black bowler (but with white CC) and up until last week I had the black twiggy (I returned it for a black Day). They are both casual and fun bags but I voted for the twiggy only because I think it is an edgier looking bag.
  6. swanky, yes that's probably a better idea....thank you!
    i'm just so used to chatting with the b-bag girls!! they are the best :supacool:

  7. LOL, I was just about to say the same thing... your replies may be a teeeeny bit biased!

    And on that note, B-bag all the way. I think it's a classic with an edge.
  8. yes, i think we're pretty biased here!
  9. LOL! my opinion is definitely biased, I'm sure you can guess ;)
  10. Sorry biased opinion....balenciaga or course and espeically the twiggy!!!!
  11. :roflmfao: LOL! At least y'all are honest!
  12. The Balenciaga Twiggy gets my vote. I chose the Balenciaga for several reasons. The leather gets better with wear. It is a great everyday bag. It holds quite a bit without being oversized. You can carry it as a satchel or over your shoulder because it also comes with a shoulder strap.
  13. welp, i'm not a chanel girl & :heart: my black twiggy, so there ya go :P
  14. Get the bbag. I'm slightly unbiased because I have both bbags and chanel. Get the chanel a little later. I only say so because the twiggy is cheaper.
  15. Well since ya asked, I vote for the Balenciaga as well. I think B-bags are little more edgier than Chanel. I guess it all depends on your lifestyle.