Still trying to catch my breath...can't believe i found this for $360+

  1. [​IMG]

    They also had a Blossom pink Venetia for $402 + tax. Saks is truly ruining me. i really gotta return the lobster bowler...FOR REAL!
  2. Congratulations! It's really, really nice!
  3. Love it!!! Congrats
  4. Where is this Saks? I am looking for a pink Venetia...!!
  5. Saks in Manhattan NY, the flagship store. Not sure if it's still there though. Those things go quick and they only had 1. Women are snatching up bags like crazy. Call to ask!
  6. Your bag is gorgeous!!! I kinda want to hunt one down, too. Gotta think on this one.
  7. I'm officially jealous of your find. Congrats!
  8. Awesome find. Makes me wish I lived somewhere where the shopping wasn't such crap!
  9. agree.... i have to drive for an hour to get to the only mall that has saks and NM.
  10. Enjoy your great deal and your great bag.
  11. Such a beautiful bag at an unbelievable price. I wish I could find a deal like that here. Unfortunately things fly off the shelves so quickly there's only slim pickings left. Enjoy your bag!
  12. That's a gorgeous shade of red!!! Congrats on a terrific find!
  13. Thanks! The color is actually called Chestnut, it's a reddish brown shade.

    I can't believe my luck either! First the petrol MP and now the drummed satchel. I was at Saks during lunch to return a DVF dress and got distracted by the bags when a guy came in with 3 big boxes of bags. Women start pouncing on him and grabbing them from the boxes. I managed to snagged the black drummed satchel but found the brown one (2 actually!) later. So my friend and i both brought each one home.:shame:
  14. Great find. I love this bag. :smile:
  15. Super cute!! Congrats! :smile: