Still Together

  1. :love: so sweet:yes:
    pinkhusband.jpg pinkhusband2.jpg
  2. I'm glad! They are so cute together!
  3. do you guys see the YSL shopping bag!

  4. Ah they look so cute- and dare I say she looks really well put together, rocker chic!
  5. they look good together
  6. Hope it works out
  7. okay....
    i must be the only person who doesnt know who they are....
  8. They look great together - I hope it all works out.
  9. No, you can add me to the list!
  10. That's Pink and Carey Hart.

    Pink sings "Stupid Girls" and Carey Hart is a professional skateboarder and he was on The Surreal Life.

    There was a question of whether or not their marriage was working.
  11. Thank you, I'm a fan of both of them and I REALLY HOPE they make it!
  12. i am forced to see pink every monday night coz she sings that monday night football thing on tv.... but she looks different here....
    either way... hope things are working out for them....
  13. They look good.
  14. They both look great.
  15. Still together - didn't they just get married this year! :wtf:

    When I saw your heading I thought maybe it was a picture of Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward.