Still thinking about my next bag!!

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  1. I'm still on a mission.....
    Do you think

    A4 Roxanne tote choc or oak

    Oak Hanover

    Pebble Mabel

    I have a lot of bright coloured bags, so want something a bit more neutral but it must also be light
    Any thoughts on the above. I would prefer to buy from an outlet as I have a 30% discount voucher.
  2. Pebble Mabel!!!

    I can't recommend it enough! It's lightweight, a neutral colour and is (or was...) available at the outlets.

    The Roxy tote does weigh quite a bit once you fill it. I can't comment on the Hanover as I've never seen one IRL.
  3. You'll be hard pushed to find an oak Hanover at the outlets now & they don't seem to get the Roxy tote in those colours.
    That aside, my vote would be for pebble Mabel. Fab neutral colour & lovely & lightweight. Shepton had two so you wouldn't have to wait for the bag to come up either.
  4. Pebble mabel seems v popular, mind you so are the others!!!! What do you want to use the bag for? do you prefer a bag which you can close ? remind us what other bags you've got!!!
  5. #5 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    well, I think the pebble Mabel is favourite??
    I can get it including p&p for under £300, which is a steal.
    Bicester mentioned though that the Oak Hanover is to be made in darwin! Too heavy for me but sounds rather nice.

    I have
    Black pleated Poppy
    White Poppy satchel
    Cream Poppy satchel (goatskin)
    Midnight Mabel
    Fuschia Mabel
    Aqua Mabel all antique
    Mini red Mabel
    Small choc Mabel
    Lilac Goat Bayswater
    Gunmetal Agyness

    OOOh I didn't realise I had that many?
  6. Pebble Mabel. I think you are a mabel person.
  7. I'm thinking so too.
    The antique Mabel is one of the few bags I can use that dosen't hurt my back!!
    I can only use the satchels on short trips, usually a good airport bag.
    I'm starting to feel guilty now at how many I have!
  8. I think if you like your mabels and are looking for a neutral bag then go for the pebble mabel.
  9. My vote goes to pebble mabel too, this bag is so lovely, I know Im biased though!
  10. do you have one too hulahoop?
    I have asked them to put one aside and I will send my vouchers off tomorrow!
  11. Yes I do now, got it last week.
  12. wow it seems very popular!
  13. its very nice, a great neutral I reckon, for summer and winter..
  14. do you think it would work with an accessory (bag charm etc)? I do like a bit of colour.
  15. you have a great collection of Mabels - pebble will be perfect - will go with most things and good in summer and winter. What leather is your midnight made from?