Still talk to your buddies from high school?

  1. I graduated less than two years ago and have only really kept in touch with three of my friends from high school. It's amazing the amount of new people you meet in college:yes: . So do you still keep in touch with the people you know from high school?
  2. Only two people I keep in touch with on a regular basis.

    My two closest friends from HS went MIA as soon as we went to college. It was actually quite traumatizing for me. I didn't understand why they didn't want to be my friend anymore. I still think about it sometimes, 20 years later.
  3. I graduated from HS almost 16 yrs ago, but I do still keep in touch with a few of them - only my closest friends. Some of them I also went to college with.
  4. I still talk to 2 of my high school friends even though I graduated in 1977.
  5. its been 4 years.. I talk to one but never see them....
  6. I graduated in 2003 and yup, I still talk to my H.S. Friends. Plus, we keep up with each other on myspace. :yes:
  7. My closest friends I still hang out with. Acquaintances, I keep in touch through myspace LOL!
  8. I also graduated in 2003, so yes, all of my guy friends I see regularly/talk to on the phone. Girlfriends, no, haven't kept up with them.
  9. It's been 13 years and only speak with one of them! We just grew apart.
  10. I graduated in 1990 (gawd I am soooo old!) my high school friends (5 of them) and I get together for dinner every xmas just for old times sake. I still regularly talk to three of them.
  11. I graduated 5 years ago from high school. I've kept in touch with a couple of them on a consistent basis, but for the most part it's on really random occasions (such as birthdays, parties, get-togethers, etc). Why not more often? It's because we're all working, most of them full-time. And we've kinda...moved on with our own lives, I guess. A couple of them are already married; one is engaged. I don't really relate the same way with them like I used to in high school.
  12. Lol don't feel bad, that's when my brother graduated too haha.:p
  13. It's been mucho years and no I don't talk to anyone anymore. Have a wonderful new set of friends!

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  14. ^^^Christine, congrats on 1000 posts!!

    I graduated nearly 20 years ago...ack!!! I occasionally see 1-2 when I visit my family for the holidays but other than that...nope.
  15. 01 and yeah, I still talk to them. One i've known since jr high (which i guess these days is middle school) and shes one of those friends that you know is for life, she might as well be my sister.