still stuck-pls help


which of these (pick two)

  1. gucci new britt medium hobo brown

  2. gucci new britt medium hobo black (not impressed with canvas quality)

  3. speedy 25 damier

  4. speedy 25 mono

  5. suggest something more functional from the lv line (not a bh/bv or neverfull)

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  1. ok so today i posted about how i needed a black bag and a brown. i narrowed it down to the gucci new britt medium hobo in black. i just picked up this bag and i am soooo not impressed with the quality of the canvas of this bag. on the same bag but in brown or cream trim-the canvas is a heck of a lot better. so-i got the brown and the black and am deciding at home which one to keep. sux bc i wanted it in black so bad, but i dont want to feel like i paid for something that is crappy :sad: the brown one is sooo nice tho :smile:

    still wanting an lv too...tried on the neverfull and wasnt impressed. tried on the bh and bv-too big. still like the look of the speedy-but it is a handheld and i can't decide on damier or mono :sad:

    help help-it's my first gucci and lv. i want classics than can be worn with anything. i need em for work and everyday handbag use. i'm a small handbag girl (5.2 and 115lbs).
  2. Go for the mono speedy! You can't go wrong! I have the 30 and it looks is not too big. I'm smaller than you! It goes with everything. It looks great with black.
  3. Mono Speedy!
  4. Speedy in Mono.
  5. Agree with everyone else, mono speedy!
  6. Definitely the mono speedy, you can't go wrong! Such a classic.
  7. i voted for the damier speedy 25 i love this bag it is a classic!!
  8. mono speedy
  9. Another vote for the MONO SPEEDY .... :tup:
  10. mono speedy out of the two, but I'd also think of getting a black LV bag such as the madeline PM in black epi, it's gorgeous and serves as a great black bag and looks good for work, day and everywhere and it's over the shoulder as well.
  11. Mono speedy! Not a fan of damier..except for the Azur !
  12. If you want a shoulder bag, you could always try the medium looping bag. Its smaller than the BH...

    Otherwise, if you want a handheld bag, get the mono speedy or azur speedy!
  13. Damier Speedy
  14. My vote is also for the Mono Speedy!
  15. If you're a small handbag girl, go with the mono 25. I am 5'5" and that size looks good on me. I think you'll find 30 too big even though it is a popular size.