still searching for the perfect bag... help celine louis or balenciaga

  1. i was here months ago agonizing and here i am again... i returned the botkier i decided on ... i did not like it at all in person. i decided to get a lauren merkin metallic clutch to satisfy my need for something metallic and think my bigger purchase needs to be something timeless and black.

    so i am back again ladies for opinions... hopefully each of you own one and can share good stories.
    would you go for...
    black epi speedy
    black balenciaga first (i do not like the new shiny leather but was told a duller version is due this fall)
    black celine boogie (if i can find one)

    or anything else....

    i was just drooling over the bronze YSL muse but will i be the girl carrying last years it bag next year???? i want something i can use for more than just a season!
  2. i'd say go for a city instead of a classique, the classique is quite small for everyday use. for my style, i'd go with the black balenciaga, it can be really casual with a little bit of an edge or more refined depending on what you put it with.
  3. Celine Boogie!!!!!!!
  4. I agree with Amanda. I would go for a city- I love mine- its a great size and so lightweight. But, I have heard that the "dull leather" is just a rumor, so if you are not entirely sure you would like the current leather, then I would go for a Celine Boogie. EIther you, you get a gorgeous bag!
  5. If you want a bag that will be around for the long hall I'd get the black epi Speedy.
  6. Definitely the Celine Boogie!
  7. I love all of the bags you are considering, but would have to vote for the Balenciaga (but a city instead of a classique). The Boogie is a great bag but they can be kind of heavy and cumbersome. The Speedy is nice, but unless you splurge on the optional strap, there's no hands-free carrying option. I recently purchased a black city bag and must say, it goes with everything from suits to sweats and it is very enjoyable to carry. I like that it can be hand carried or slung over the shoulder, plus it fits a ton of stuff and also looks great when it's not fully loaded.

    Good luck with your decision!
  8. Epi Speedy is my first choice, second choice is the Muse :biggrin:
  9. Here are my choices, in order:

    EPI Speedy - so classic and timeless.
    Balenciaga - I was agonizing over it too, but I saw it in person, and decided to pass since I don't like the shiny, distressed look of the leather. Keep hearing different things about what they might do for the fall, so I am going to wait.
    Celine - Another classic looking bag, but I think it's a bit boring.
  10. ha! i love this... it is like i am reading my own thoughts about all these bags... hell if i could just get them all! what i am hoping is to get one myself and another for my bday coming up from my husband (fingers crossed)...
    i was worried that the boogie would feel cumbersome... glad to hear that. i have a baby girl and need an extra hand. i think what i will do is get myself the epi and then hope for a change in the leather for fall from balencicaga and keep my fingers crossed for christmas... oh then maybe get something else for the bday... there we go there is a way to get all three! :smile: i am loving that muse!!!! i was told from balenciaga that they should have metallics this fall and i just love them...i know a lot of you here do not like the metallics but i think they will be around for awhile and the muse seems too big to me... however the bronze is just beautiful! i will stop by lv this weekend and hopefully they will have a black speedy.

    love you girls! thanks... even though everyone has different opinions it is SO great to hear them and to hear those of you that own the bags... i have gone back and forth on a balenciaga for so long i think i should just do it. my husband is convinced i will read in bazaar or vogue they are out and i will not like it then... i admit i tend to be fickle but that is what EBAY IS FOR! :smile:
  11. i think the epi speedy is just timeless...the other ones will become 'it' bags of the past season, although they're both beautiful!