Still searching for eBay/Paypal help!

  1. I know a few of you had read my original story quite a while ago, but for those of you who haven't, here's the link:

    Here's a brief summary:
    I was paid $3175 for a chanel handbag, which I was paid for through paypal. This money was safely in my account and I shipped the item to the Philippines (I was unaware of the amount of crime the Philippines are sometimes associated with). I had transferred the money to my bank account, but they did a chargeback, sending my account into negative numbers. Shortly after, I had talked to paypal and found out that they had used a stolen credit card and there was absolutely nothing Paypal could do for me. Later, I checked my bank account balance, Paypal had pulled the money from my account! I was completely unaware that they had the ability to do this. After posting here, I found a few other people who had been scammed by the same person, using a different name and eBay ID every time, their name always matching the stolen credit card that they were planning on using.

    Some PFers tried to help, but there's just nothing they could do. This is a big issue and I think I (and the others that have been scammed by this 'buyer') need to try to get law enforcement involved. We've all tried to organize collective action, but never got far. This scammer has stolen items equaling over $60,000! I'd love to take collective action, but I can't wait any longer. I need to get help now because I still think about this all the time and it really just makes me feel terrible. If anyone can supply any help at all, please, please let me know, even if it's just a few ideas you may have!
  2. :sad:
    Oh my gosh, Paypal seems to have so many powers over us. That is scary to think that they can pysically remove it from your bank account once it has been cleared. In fact, that is awful. It is their responsibility, as they approved the stolen credit card in the first place, yet can pass the blame on to you and remove the money. It really sucks.
    In fact, the more I hear about Paypal, the less and less I like it by the day. :sad:
    I hope you get some resolve soon.
  3. OH MY GOD!!! i'm so so sorry, i just read this thread no. i thought that paypal don't allow accounts from philipines? because i'm from indonesia, and paypal also don't allow me to have paypal acc.
    IT'S PAYPAL'S FAULT ENTIRELY!! they approved the buying!!
    OH MY GOD! still can't believe paypal is THIS SUCK!!!

    can you read the regulations in paypal's terms & conditions? if they ever mention about this or not?
  4. Awwww, man!

    I seriously hope that everything works out okay. I have been thinking of getting rid of my paypal account entirely, but I'm not sure what else is out there that is *SAFE* for eBay users.

    Ugh...I really hope that everything works out for you. Keep fighting, don't give up!
  5. I didn't read your orginal thread all the way, but I find it difficult to believe there is nothing that can be done. Though it's considered bad form, in some situations going straight to the top may be your only option: you and the other sellers need to send a certified/registered letter (in the mail, not email) to Bill Cobb, the president of eBay. Period. Be polite, respectful. Outline briefly the situation and demand (yes demand-but politely) that eBay take action to have your money returned.

    My two cents worth. Trust me, you send a certified/registered letter it won't be ignored! Emails just won't cut it for this situation. Make sure all of you keep every email, correspondence in a file for future reference.
  6. I agree with everyone here. In your letter to eBay, be calm and explain your situation. I hope everything works out for you! Keep us updated.
  7. WOW that is horrible!
    One of the best recommendations I've heard from people (and I stupidly have yet to follow it), is to open a separate bank account for ebaying and empty it immediately after depositing money into it. That way paypal can't simply take your money from you.
    Another is to never accept paypal for large $$ sales.
  8. I thought Ebay owns Paypal so Ebay is not going to do anything. Too me the best thing to do is stop buying and selling on Ebay.........
    Too many scammers out there and paypal lets them get away. I really don't know why people continue to use Ebay.

    I wish you luck but with paypal involved it seems like a lost cause.
  9. One more thing, when I did Ebay I had a seperate account at a different bank just for paypal and I never kept much $$ in it, but then again I never had anyone try to charge back me so it was not a problem. Just to be safe if you do Ebay could you do a paypal acccount in another bank where they do not have access to your other accounts?
  10. This is very interesting and strange.

    I've looked into this because I've been in a similiar situation.

    I'm confused as to why Paypal directly dipped into your bank account. This is pretty unusual from what I've seen: usually they send you to NCO (a collection agency) to get the money. I didn't think they could legally withdraw money from a bank account under your name!

    I know it's a little late, but did you try to have your bank fight Paypal? Did you ever call the bank after your numbers went into a negative balance and say that Paypal was *not* authorized to withdraw funds?
  11. I agree. Paypal can make your paypal account negative (and then they send you to collections), but you should still have the money in your checking account. Just don't put any money in the paypal account. Paypal should not be able to withdraw from your checking without authorization. Please look into this. I think Intlset is right.
  12. Also, there is a certain "grace period" during which they will give you the chance to reimburse your account. This period is generally one year.

    It's then that they send you to NCO. NCO is the largest collection agency, but also the easiest to deal with: they have reacted more fairly than Paypal has. Eventually, even if you do nothing, they'll stop pursuing you because it's just not worth their time and effort. However, for an amount upwards of $3,000, you might be in for a fight.
  13. ^I was one of the members scammed, and I lost $2600. Unfortunately, I paid it, because I didn't want my credit score affected. Paypal seems to have no sympathy and the fact that we shipped to a "non-confirmed" address is where we went wrong - accdng to paypal.

    I agree - Paypal authorized the payment to go through. There should be higher security measures when making a purchase.
  14. ^^^
    Sorry, I realize my above post isn't too much help.

    I don't understand how and why they withdrew the money from your account. You're sure you didn't inadvertently reimburse your Paypal account? I thought I remembered a post you made in the past about raising money because you had just paid off your negative balance.

    I am *not* calling you a liar or anything, I just want to get it straight so I can be of some help! Like I said, I was in a similiar situation.

  15. From what I've heard, Paypal cannot legally affect your credit rating. Even if you gave them your social security number, they are only authorized to use it as a form of identity verification through a third-party, and legally cannot ding your credit. Most people don't know this however. If you see that Paypal has knocked your credit, send them a sternly worded letter from an attorney and I'd almost guarantee the problem would be fixed.

    Editted to add: I spoke with a Paypal employee via telephone about this. He stated that they don't even keep your SS# on file after verification. This could be totally false, however, since some people's credit has been affected by Paypal.