still possible to get?

  1. not sure when this bag came out, Just wondering if it would still be possible to get in store, and if so does anyone have the info on this so i could call?



    its the bag at ranskimmie has. Also what was /is the retail on this.

    thanks again.
  2. no it's not. scribble always sells out completely.
  3. Or gets sent to the outlets. I 've seen lots of scribble at the outlets in the past.
  4. thank you, I dont have outlets near me. I dont even think there are any in canada..
  5. eBay will probably be your best bet. Just post in the authenticate thread if you have any questions about one you find. Oh and BTW, it's totally adorable!
  6. :smile: thanks
  7. yes that one came out last spring! I have it! heheheh
    i believe it was either 198 or 218........i'm thinking 218- i have the large one!
    they were sent to the outlets...... you could try but i'd say eBay is you best bet, and deffinatley worth it! i love mine to death!
  8. thank you both...