Still Possible to find the Diamond Stitch Tote?

  1. Is this bag still available in stores? I'm looking for it in black in either size if anyone sees it. Thank you!
  2. Call Chanel SCP/ 714-754-7455
    SA- Marie Scott or Shoshiko
  3. The Chanel 800 number can tell you where there might be some.
  4. So, is it possible to find the Small diamond stitch in black or Outdoor ligne flap in any color?? :shame:
  5. i bought a white diamond stitch tote this weekend from the Chanel boutique in Chicago, and while they didn't have the black there, the SA who helped told me she should be able to find the black from another boutique if I wanted it. So I assume if you call one of the boutiques, they should be able to find it for you. Or, if you're willing to wait, Bergdorf's will be getting some DST's this spring.
  6. ^^ Cool, Is there a perticular SA you recommend if I wanted to get it at Bergdorf's?
  7. Joseph. I didn't ask when exactly they would be getting it, since I wanted it now, but good luck!
  8. I highly recommend Galina at Bergdorfs.