Still possible to find Muse 2 blue embossed large?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    This is my first post in YSL, hoping you can help me. Is it still possible to find a Muse II large in blue embossed "croc"? Do I just need to wait for new shipments to come in, or is it necessary to find a used one? Has anyone seen one lately?? :smile:
  2. Thanks, nyer! :smile::smile::smile:

    I did see that bag, but potero was not on the list of reputable sellers sticky above - is potero a reliable site for authentic bags? & can anyone authenticate this bag for me? Thanks so much for helping this YSL newbie! :P
  3. ^Yes, portero is reputable. I probably should add them to the list.
  4. Thank you, Cosmopolitan!
  5. I posted it in the authenticate this forum if anyone feels like verifying.
  6. just a little note about my experience with Portero.

    They DO sell authentic bags, it is just that their description - rating of the bag and pictures are not as accurate as they should be. I complained to them about a python bag with ink stains inside and out, although the bag was described as spotless (condition pristine). They gave me a refund 1/2 the price as store credit. Before you buy, call them on the phone and make sure that the bag is immaculate, photos are not always showing right.
  7. I don't see a logo on any of the feet and don't think mine has logos on the feet either.
  8. Funny you just posted, as I just dropped into YSL this AM.

    Where did you buy yours, was it pre-owend?