Still obsessing about Anna Corinna drawstring hobo and have a question!

  1. Help from anyone owning Anna Corinna drawstring hobo, please. I have been rather obsessed with this bag and they are bringing it back on but I'm wondering if the thing on the top of the strap was on all her original drawstring hobos...I thought it was twisted leather or something but does this look like what you have? And what do you think of this tobacco color? Does anyone own it? I am so close to ordering does qualify for free shipping but I'd love to find a coupon code to reduce the price. I think original owners paid a lot less. All feedback will be appreciated. Here it is:
    Anna Corinna Hobo - Available in JULY '07- PREORDER : ac_hobo : Handbags : Anna Corinna :
  2. Yes, I looked so hard at AE that my eyeballs were popping out but I can't tell if the top of the shoulder strap (that rests on shoulder) is the same thing as on the Bagshop site. What do you think?
  3. well as you know i have this bag :smile: and the top thing ono the strap is actually flat like that but as soon as you put stuff in it it pulls and looks like below. what it is its 2 pieces of leather like put through each other and the leather is so soft and not stiff that it becomes like crumpled together, so it starts out flat but with mine it pulled like this right away, i mean i can flatten it out but once i put stuff in again it does this again so i just leave it :smile: hope that helps
  4. You might want to call Foley + Corinna directly. I just posted this in another thread about Drew Barrymore's bag in Music and Lyrics. I called them a year or so ago to buy it, and they had it when no other online stores did.

    I am sure that they will be able to help you about the strap design.
    Their number is on the bottom of the site page.
    Good luck! :yes:

    Foley + Corinna
  5. It's a very cute bag, and I like that color!
  6. DOes it have any inside pockets?
  7. Nope....and that's the ONLY downside that I can see.
  8. Bessie, do you think it looks the same as bagshop? I am definitely waiting til 10 am to call the store though..Thanks Bjara!