still not satisfied!

  1. So I exchanged my black Jumbo with g/h for a white GST with g/h today. I had originally planned to exchange it for a white Jumbo with g/h, but the SA told me it's not available until summer (boo!) so I gave her my info for that.

    Well, I came home happy with my purchase which I thought would be an alternative to the white Jumbo. I tried putting my stuff into it (should have done this in the store!) and realized that I just don't carry that much stuff (on non-school days/weekends/running errands) -- it fits my notebooks, which I could use for school, but I'm not sure sure about taking it to classes with me...

    I modeled the GST and the white medium classic flap with g/h in the store, and I think I want to go back and exchange it for the classic flap! I was initially afraid that the medium flap wouldn't fit much, but I only really carry my wallet, keys, phone, and few cosmetics with me. These will fit in the medium, right?

    And because I'm still thinking about keeping the GST, what do you all carry in it? Do you use it for daily use? I think I just find it a tad too big if I'm just going out. I like that it can fit a book, though.

    One more question -- are off-white/cream colors still available in the flaps?

    Thank you so much, ladies!
  2. I have 4 GSTs and love them as day bags...:love:
  3. Take it back if you don't love it.

    Take the things you need to the store, in your purse... and see if it fits in the classic flap. Then you will know for sure if you should buy it.
  4. I DO love it, but I can't justify using it as a day bag (my day consists of attending classes.) I dunno, maybe if I got the black GST (or the modern chain tote? I've been eying it) it would be more appropriate. I already have an LV bag that I use for school, though.

    I'll test out my belongings there for sure! I'd probably debate between the different colors now, though. Is there a cream available?
  5. I would get the GST in black, since it's more of a "daily wear" type bag. I'm dying to get a white jumbo though. :sad:
  6. GST in black would be awesome for school. I'll think about it since I already have a school bag.

    I'm still awaiting answers for the white medium flap with g/h! I loved it, but I think I would love it more in an off-white color. Is this available?
  7. If you don't love it, take it back. For myself I know what I want and if it's not there, settling doesn't feel right to me. I will not be satisfied if I have to take an alternative as opposed to my first choice. Maybe you feel the same?

    I agree with the others to bring what you normally want to carry in your bag to the store and see if it fits in the bag you want to get. Let us know how it works out.
  8. I LOVE the GST!

    Keep us posted on what you decide.

  9. hmmm i'm not sure about the gold h/w for a dark white flap (i've never come across one before?) but i have the ivory aka dark white in silver h/w (bought early last year) and i've been told it's a seasonal color and is hard to find. you could try your luck calling chanel boutiques up and get them to check in their system? a fellow tpfer recently ordered a dark white but turned out to be a beige, so please be careful! :yes:
  10. I think the GST functions solely as a day bag!
  11. hmmm...sounds like you need to return it. There are so many other ones your thinking about.
  12. ahhh I would be worried about using a white bag as a school bag too, (I would have Biro panic all day long!!!)

    The medium would definitely fit the things you need in it, as long as the wallet is not a wide padded one, you would easily fit what you described as an average days wear in that.

    I think you are gonna need another visit back to the store lol ;).

    With Chanel, and at the prices they are, I think you should never settle for a bag, it has to be the perfect one :smile:

    best of luck, and let us know what you decide
  13. Thank you all for you responses!

    chloe-babe, yes, I think I need to go back to the boutique and give everything another spin! I'm definitely going to choose carefully and keep the one that I REALLY love because this is my first Chanel bag and yes, the price is not cheap!
  14. I think for your first Chanel you may get the most use out of a medium flap. I hear you on the size of the GST, I honestly wouldn't buy my first Chanel bag that's really just usefull to me for school or work, I would want to get the most out of it and for me that's a not too big, not too small, can go with anything kind of bag, a medium flap would fit that profile..... Actually for me I like the PST's, I also have an E/W flap and another smaller timeless collection caviar bag close to the E/W size, I find when I carry a large work bag I like my purse to be pretty, on the petite size, but able to hold my wallet, compact, keys, and lipstick which everything I've mentioned does and then some. Good luck and whatever you do don't settle.
  15. Lola, thank you so much for your insight! It was really honest and helpful and I think you get where I'm coming from! I'm going to go to the boutique again and take a look at the medium flap. I want my first Chanel to be one that's versatile, but for weekends/going out day and night, not just for school and serious stuff!