Still no Perry Satchel reveals??

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  1. I've been checking daily hoping to see one! I ordered the black croc embossed Mini but haven't received it yet...

  2. Sounds very pretty I can't wait to see it.
  3. I bought a regular black leather Perry ( Saks exclusive) earlier this month. Sadly, I returned it. I didn't have the bag long enough to even do a reveal. I loved the style (like others said, it's like a wallet-friendlier Antigona), but the zippers did not run smoothly AT ALL. I had to use two hands to open and close the bag. Also, the lining was solid black, which didn't bother me so much but it would've been nice to have a printed lining to peek at.
  4. Oh that's too bad - I can't deal with zippers like that either. I wonder if it was an isolated incident or a widespread issue.
  5. I've been looking for them too! I'm actually thinking about buying one!!! What does everyone think about them?
  6. I really like the perry satchel and the tote. I was looking really hard at the tote before leaving for vacation. However, the 12 x12 is a little to small for me. Now I'm looking really hard at the croc embossed satchel. I need someone to let me know if it's hard or soft.

    I was in Nordstrom while on vacation and didn't see either one.
  7. My croc embossed Mini Perry Satchel finally came and it's really a beautiful bag. I'm very impressed with the quality of the leather - it's matte, not shiny and loud, and it's SO soft! I will never be able to afford an Antigona, but this has that similar look and sophistication.

    The only con is the weight - it's heavier than I hoped it would be. The zippers are a bit stiff too, but I think they will get better. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to keep it or not...

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  8. congrats!! your new bag looks stunning and interesting :graucho: enjoy her :smile:
    try to rub some wax (using a candle) on the zipper. it works for me :yes:
  9. Very pretty! If you decide to keep it please let us know how she breaks in.

    Antigona is in my wish list actually. Maybe I'll just go for this too. :smile:

  10. I absolutely love it. I have a croc mab and I rarely carry it because it's so hard. Glad to hear this is soft. I am totally considering this. But I really want a large perry tote in black if she was to make one.
  11. any modeling pics?
    I'm considering the antigona as well for my 30th birthday (soooooon *gulp ) but maaaaay consider getting this instead and have enough left over for shoes as well... hmmm
  12. the croc is so beautiful, if the size and shape works for u I think it'll be a really versatile piece that'll go with everything but is still interesting because of the texture
  13. I'm a little upset with RM on this bag... I'm afraid they're going in the direction of Michael Kors and making dupes of high end bags.
  14. Same here. To me it looks a bit too much like the Antigona bag and I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a bag that is an almost exact copy of a high end bag. If I am going to make that investment, I want a fairly unique designer bag. I pay for the designer coming up with unique ideas too.

    I also really hope they are not going to change the style. I was so glad to have found a brand that carries so many unique designs.

    I could never afford an Antigona back either. I do have a lookalike from H&M which I got before knowing the Antigona (positively lived under a rock). I now have mixed feelings about it being a copy, but I'd still wear it once in a while (I got it because I needed a roomy bag for bad weather and dirt)
  15. I have the Perry satchel and it's beautiful...but it's SO bloody heavy I can't really enjoy it :sad: