Still no item... what's my next course of action?

  1. I bought a bag on eBay in which the transaction ended on October 31st. After a few days the seller finally contacted me back (I sent payment immediately, and sent them a message just making sure everything was all set) and they said they would ship my package the next morning, which would be Friday November 3rd.

    STILL NO PACKAGE. STILL NO RESPONSE TO MY INQUIRY FOR A TRACKING NUMBER. Which I don't really care about a tracking number at THIS point, but I'm just wanting to say in a nice way, "where is my bag??" And I also mentioned "our transaction ending on October 31st."

    So this past Friday the 10th, I sent them a message, and on Saturday the 11th I sent them the same message with the title stating "message 2."

    I've sold on other auction sites before and have waited for people's payments if they paid in check or money order. After a week it means they either didn't send the payment or they sent it DAYS later than they said they did.

    So this person either sent this package a couple of days ago, or they didn't send it at all.

    What do I do now you guys? Because they aren't responding.

    Thanks for any help...
  2. How did you pay? If it was through paypal I would file a dispute. That usually wakes sellers up that may be slow to ship and respond.
  3. Yeah I did PayPal. Should I notify them of filing a dispute, though? Or is that something you do without telling them?
  4. I would file the dispute. You have emailed & not got a reply. I don't think the seller deserves the warning. A dispute will force them to reply to paypal with a tracking number. If they do not reply with a tracking number you will win the dispute. 8 days & no shipment confirmation is Bullsh*t! Also if your purchase was over $500 they will hold the funds in the sellers account until the dispute is settled. That should wake them up!
  5. If I remember correctly, so I may not, so please double check, you have to give the person 30 days to get the package to you.

    There may be a different rule, with a different time requirement, regarding the seller's failure to respond to your emails.

    I can tell you from personal experience that if the package was sent USPS, it can take almost 30 days to get there.

    I just received one a couple of weeks ago that was over 3 weeks in transit, and it was from a seller I had dealt with before and I know she does ship promptly, but you know the Postal Service just doesn't like to rush with something so important as our mail! ;)
  6. Adore, send another email, but be firm. Tell them that you don't have the item yet and that you don't appreciate the lack of communcation on their part. There's probably a legitimate reason why you don't have it, but how would one know w/o any communication. Tell them you want a response to your email telling you when the item was shipped and the method of shipping with a tracking number.

    Good luck.....You are more patient than I am and I know you might choose to word it differently, but definitely send them a firm email.
  7. Not with paypal. Once a dispute for non receipt has been filed & the seller responds with a tracking number I believe paypal only gives 7 days for the tracking to show as delivered before they will close the dispute in the buyers favor. It may be a little more then 7 days but not much.

    Now you do have to wait 30days to file a claim with the usps for lost insured items.
  8. Right but how long does she have to wait before she can file a dispute for non-receipt?

  9. There is no waiting time you can file a claim right after you pay. At the bottom of your paypal payment there is a link to file a claim. Now paypal will say give the seller 7 days to ship but it will still let you file the claim.

    I had this happen to me with a overseas buyer. They filed a claim 2 days after payment. I shipped their item airmail the same day they paid & did not have a tracking number so they ended up getting their item & a full refund from paypal. I have been told by paypal they are aware of this problem & are supposed to be changing the policy.
  10. Ebay policy is 14 days for something to be shipped out.....paypal is a whole different thing! I would immediately file a claim with paypal to protect yourself and DO NOT close it until you receive the item!
  11. I hope everything works out for you.
  12. I would also suggest you get the seller's contact details through Ebay - if you're not getting any response via email, CALL them.

    Ebay always suggest you try contacting your seller in person, via telephone, before starting a claim.

    If it's a false number, you'll know where you stand and can proceed with your claim.

    Best of luck xx
  13. Thanks sweetestsin!

    I am in awe of those who manage to wade through all the gobbledygook and keep current on things like this - so if I should ever have a really bad feeling, it's good to know after seven days I can start clicking!

    Adore, I think chicky has also made a very good suggestion, see if you can call the seller - at this point, things could be fine, if slow and annoying, or things could have gone horribly wrong. I hope it is the former, and that your item is on the way, and your seller just away from the keyboard for some legitimate reason.
  14. I had something similar happen to me recently...and as soon as I sent an email stating that I would file a dispute if I didn't hear back within 24 hours I got a response.

    The person had been too lazy to ship the item and so was avoiding my emails. I did eventually end up receiving the item (about 3.5 weeks after I bought it).

    The email threatening to file a dispute though lit a fire under the seller's butt though and at least got me a response.
  15. Thanks so much everyone-- I FINALLY got my package today, and what I found is a whole other problem. The bag, a Coach bag, "with no stains" HAS STAINS. What do I do?

    It says it was in used condition, so I knew it couldn't be perfect in every way, but it says no stains... and it's got them. But what I imagined were other things, and I kind of knew it would be -something-. They blend in, though. But still... I really just don't know what to do. Should I start a new topic, I'm not sure what I'd like to do about it yet. They "don't accept returns." so...