Still no help with Silver Ice Cube Wallet??????????

  1. I've posted twice over the last couple of weeks (once here and once in Chanel shopping) and no one has any info on the Chanel Silver Ice Cube Wallet (from Cruise08). Does anyone know the retail price and where I can find it??????????? I've seen a few on eBay listed at around $900, although the first one on eBay only sold for $692.00 The wallet is a fold-over style, metallic silver with a small ice cube pattern all over the front and a large CC logo embossed on the front as well. Any info is much appreciated! Happy Holidays!
  2. you can call chanel #1800 to ask? i have no idea about the wallet. how about you ask the eBay sellers for photos of the model / style #? if you have gotten no replies, i suppose nobody here has it?
  3. I saw this wallet last week in silver (its the same one featured in gold on the chanel website). It's full-length, zippered with the large CC logo on the front. I think it was approx $900 CDN. To be honest with you, I didn't really find it all that stunning IRL. It looks gorgeous in pictures, but it isn't as shiny as the actual ice cube bag, its more of a dull silver finish which kind of ruined it for me.