Still no coupon, but my SA is going to hook me up!

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  1. I still did not get a card in the mail today AND my stylist got hers days ago (we both started getting them about the same time a year ago). So I dug through my pile of mail and found the last handwritten note I got from one of the nice Coach SAs at the Tysons Galleria (my favorite local store). I called up the store and asked for the SA by name (Kim). Not only did she recognize my name as soon as I started talking to her, but when I said I hadn't gotten a preferred customer coupon, she immediately said not a problem, just come on in and we'll take care of you. She did ask when I was planning to stop by (either tomorrow or next Saturday) and said that since she was not working tomorrow, she would talk to the manager to make sure they knew that I was supposed to get the discount even though I don't have a card. YAY!

    I'll prob go next Saturday anyway, since not only will Kim be there to make sure I get my discount, but so my friend Vicki can come along and we can pick out a nice handbag for her as well. :yahoo:

    Hooray for good customer service and making things right!
  2. That's great!! Congrats! :party:
  3. Still no coupon for me either, but that's ok, Coach will be getting an earfull from me in my letter to the corporate office (about my bag, the coupon is just icing on the cake).
  4. What a nice SA! Congrats!
  5. That's great! When I went into the store on Friday, I had my coupon, but before I had even gotten it out, the SA who had in the past helped me return a couple of bags came up to me with one to ask if I had gotten it. I was impressed!
  6. congrats! i'm sure you and your friend will have a blast

    just the other day this lady comes in with her friend and made her PCE purchases, and i asked her if that's all, because it was just a wallet and i told her she can purchase the whole store if she wanted...she looked at her friend and they started shopping around!

    it was fun.

    overall, if someone mentioned the event and knew about it we would honor it, this other lady and her friend had one but didn't know that you could start purchasing on the 1st (pre sales were on the 30th)

    so they eneded up purchasing several bags and accessories for their daughters.
  7. do you have a regular coach SA you can talk to? i'm sure he or she would honor it and apologize as well because for someone who shops that much, you definitely should have gotten an invitation.
  8. What happened with your bag? :sad:
  9. I have to admit, that yesterday I was given the royal treatment. The SA came right up to me, recognizing me for frequent visitation! She's the same one that called me and told me about the appreciation days. I spent a few minutes talking to her and learned her name. Well worth the few minutes.

    I spent a bit figuring out what I wanted (did I want a leather Ali or the Resort Ali, did I want the Resort Tote, Did I want the Hippie Bag) etc...

    Once I figured it out, I was helped and thanked. Very good transaction.

    Get to know an SA. Make sure you find someone you click with.

    I am also getting to know the SA's at Nordies. Now to work on LV.
  10. what a lovely SA, im glad she made it soo easy for you! and I cant wait to see what you buy!