Still natural?!

  1. Okay, I am still on the quest for a natural lipgloss! So I got a clear one thinking, okay itll leave the natural color of my lip and just make it shine, WRONG! hahaha it makes my lips pinker!

    Is that still natural?!
  2. I guess it looks pinker cos the shine emphasizes the natural colour of your lips.

    Erm, just wanted to ask, and no offence, but do guys wear lip gloss?
  3. then you need to go find some beige lip gloss. Nars has excellent colors
  4. That was my first question after I saw the name/avatar. :confused1:
  5. looks like a girl in the avatar to me.

    or thats a really pretty guy
  6. ^^^A girl with a baby 'stache??? I thought only Eva Longoria did that.

  7. hahahahhhahaa im a really pretty guy?!

    thats a good one.

    yeah a lot of gay guys wear gloss these days.

    for some reason it appeals ;]
  8. wow, eva has a mustache.....
  9. Hey reynaldo,
    there are some nude colored glosses that might work for you...would you want to have a little bit of shimmer?? I think it can be sexy?

    My MAC SA was wearing Viva Glam V when I got Viva Glam VI, and we have way different skintones but I thought I would try V to is a nude color and it looks different on everyone! He has more your skintone so it was interesting to see.

    At Chanel I would try Sarong, it's a very beigey brown color.
  10. I have and love Viva Glam V, it looks different, but great on everyone! I love it, but I want a change, Ive been wearing it for almost 2 years now.

    One I wanna try is the green one, I think its um.. iono hahhaa but its a Lustreglass, and I heard it makes lips look like honey.
  11. I'll def look into Sarong though! Thanks Candace!