Still making Pomme Vernis?

  1. Now that the Amarante is out (sp?) Is the Pomme done?
    Or are they still making pomme?
  2. I thought it was a 6 month run...but we just saw pics of the new Vernis bags...and in Pomme. So who knows!!!
  3. Usually runs 6 months may have a few pieces floating around for awhile. Hard to locate though.
  4. I wish they would...I really want a cles.
  5. i think they would... the white and beige(noisette) are still in stock and pomme was only launched this yr, but who knows... or are the pearl and noisette staples?
  6. Production for the initially released items (agenda, cles, Roxbury, etc) may stop soon...since it's almost been 6 months...but I think you'll still be able to find pieces around until they all sell out.
  7. There's a pomme cles on eBay right now. :yes:
  8. There a few Pomme things at my boutique i just got the cles the other week so i still think there a afew around.