Still love the Theda!

  1. I just found an old pic of a Theda I saved from 2004 before I even owned an LV (except 1 grafitti pochette).

    I just love the Theda cause it's so busy and girlie, like me:p

    I just wonder what a good price for one is, I see a beautiful one on eBay for $2000, but have no idea what they originally sold for...

    I'm not gonna buy now, but I just love the Theda; I'd probably wait for Let Trade, but I never see them there either...:rolleyes:

    I love the MC one...:heart:
  2. I can't remember the origional price but i think the MC one was £1300? i think...
    But yea i Love the MC one !
  3. I had the mono GM and it was over $2200. I sold it....I didn't care for the style. I sold mine on eBay for $1700 and it was in brand new condition.
  4. Wow! No kidding! The mono one is really hot too! Just saw a decent MC one on Let Trade for $1200... oh well... no bags for me for a bit, yet... just dreaming.. thanks for the info you two... I might put this on my list and begin the saving thing for it.:heart:
  5. My muliticolor Theda was around $2500 when it came out. Now it just sits on my shelf since she is a pain in the *** to get in and out of.
  6. awwww... wow, I'm sorry she's a pain, a very expensive pain I might add... thanks for the info coldplayer... I still love her and I'd suffer for fashion. Just got a Gucci hobo in Hawaii, and that thing KILLS my shoulder, but it's hot!:nuts: Shoulder will have to survive...;)