Still love the bow? *Pics*

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  1. Please excuse my lack in photography/lighting/posing skills :shame:
    I've had this for a few years now and even though I don't wear her often, I :heart: her to death as she is my first designer bag and also because I fall in love all over again when I take her out. This is the smaller version in pink suede.

    Some notes: I never feel like the bow is being squished. The bow holds up just fine because your arm rests in the middle part of the bow and doesn't squish the actual bow. The bag doesn't fit much... at all. It's more of an outfit accessory than a functional purse. But isn't she gorgeous? :love: She looks much better in natural light.

    Anyhoo, I know the bag's been out for some time, but for anyone still unsure about the bow bag, I hope these help you decide.




  2. so cute! perfect for spring
  3. Oh I still love it! What a great color.
  4. It looks perfect on you, I'm so happy you're still enjoying it all these years later!
  5. Your bag is lovely! :love: Just gorgeous! It looks great on you!

  6. the bag is beautiful on you and what a lovely colour, too :smile:
  7. I love your bag! Very unique!
  8. Love the bow bag! I have one in black. It's so classy!
  9. she's adorable!!
  10. :tup: What a nice 'date' bag!!!!
  11. love that bow bag....the color is fabulous !!!