Still looking for Vert Gazon Daybag ggh?!!

  1. :crybaby:Wow, maybe I`m nuts.......
    But I still have the dream that I find my daybag in
    a vert gazon with ggh>>>!
    Even though I sold my jaune daybag -I still wanted
    the vg daybag which seems to not come up on eBay
    at all.
    Is it that rare or maybe nowbody wants to sell it??
    Please advice me on carring on without it, I was
    thinking to get the pine in that style.
    Life goes on, so does my taste for bags.
    Thanks for any ideas or maybe somebody has seen
    a VG goes on...;)
  2. Try BalNY :tup:

    They often have past season bags in the back.

    friendly reminder: no buying/selling on tPf :flowers:
  3. swiss- while you were on holiday, one showed up on e**y US and sold for $1,500. it was gorgeous!

    so sad you missed it. im sure another one will come along!

    good luck
  4. Harvey Nicks Edinburgh has two VG GGH bags in stock, I can't remember the styles off the top of my head but perhaps one was a Day? Worth a call anyway, if they'll ship to you.