Still looking for the Union Jack Flap

  1. Apologies for boring everyone on this forum to death about my never ending quest to get the Union Jack flap :drool: - this is the perforated flap with the Union Jack (the British national flag) imposed on it that came out as part of the 2007 S/S collection. As far as I am aware, it comes in two sizes, medium and small (but not that small).

    Have you "stumbled" across this one lately in any shops - boutiques, department stores and hell, consignment stores, online retailers? They may be hiding behind the shoes/clothes/other bags? If so, I would be forever grateful if you could PM me with store and SA details.

    Thanks. :flowers:
  2. I have not come across this bag. Perhaps you can contact some high end consignement stores and let them know that you want it and they can contact you if they come across one. Sorry!
  3. well *M* i want the one with either the american flag or the french flag ~ ok i'm in the uk ~ but i like to be different! ~ so let's make it our mission to track down the *flag bags* :lol: ~any more intel? ~ were they le's? ~ what was their prices? ~ were they launched ww or just in europe? ~ i will get my SAs on the case & report back to you ~ over & out *M* ~ *V*
  4. if you are still interested in this bag, chanels new collection that was shown in London recently has new flats maybe not exactly the same but they do have the flag on it and it said it was 2495, but i am sure there are other styles. Bazaar march issue talks about this as well.
  5. There is one available on eBay selling at USD2999....check it out!
  6. I just saw in Harper's Bazaar there is a newer version of the union jack (not a classic flap though)... you might like it!