Still looking for the blue Coffer................

  1. Hope it's okay to post this again, but I REALLY NEED HELP!!! Does anyone have any idea where I might locate the blue Coffer? Styledrops just confirmed that it is not available, NM said that their stores don't carry that color, Saks said the same as did BG. I actually called a Miu Miu boutique in NY (I'm in CA) and they gave me the # to Prada's corporate office in NY and they suggested that I e-mail customer support. Did that and am now waiting :sweatdrop:.........
    Does anyone have any suggestions? A really good SA that I might contact? Please offer your thoughts.......................:sos:
  2. Hello again, Cosmopolitan,,,,,,,I don't know what they are thinking at Styledrops, but I called this morning and confirmed that they had only sent out my brown coffer, not the blue one because they don't have that color in stock. :crybaby: I think that the more I can't find one, the more obsessive I am becoming about getting one! :search:I did finally get an e-mail back from Prada's Customer search rep and she says that she will be contacting me shortly. She seems to be my last hope..........:sweatdrop:
    Just have to see what she says.
  3. ^^^Good luck.
  4. miu2, please let me know once you're able to track down a blue Coffer. I'm also interested in getting one for myself.
  5. Sure will! If you find one, PLEASE, let me know as well. Anyone else? :okay:
  7. Styledrops is clearly not good at updating their website to reflect inventory!! :mad:
  8. it's still there, did one of you ladies get one?

  9. I e-mailed them yesterday to find out why they continue to list this coffer as "in stock". Waiting for their reply. Also waiting for Prada Headquarters to answer my request to locate the blue Coffer. :sweatdrop: I am becoming OBSESSIVE over this bag!!! :wacko:
  10. ^ oh, good luck!
  11. Well, Styledrops just e-mailed me with the bad news..........."no longer in stock". :crybaby:DRAT!!!! Now my only hope is the Prada rep. :sad: I'll keep the search on though.....................:search:
  12. good luck in your search, my dear. **lots of virtual hugs to you
  13. Sent an inquiry to, but they said they don't have this item in blue for their current season. "You may wish to contact Miu Miu at 877-977-1900 for further stocklist details."

    Btw, the number they gave me is no longer in service.