STILL looking for my Spy

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  1. I'm a Chloe girl, and only have one Fendi grande borghese bag and have been saving for my first Spy. I am targeting end of September for my bday.
    My mom wanted to go shopping today and wanted to see the Spy I've been going on and on about lately for herself.
    The nearest location that has the Spy is NM at Stanford since Nordstrom around me doesn't even have it in the store!
    There was the Zucca, "brown", bronze, gold/silver metallic Spies/baby spies at NM. My mom really loves the Spy and gave it her stamp of approval. She knows that I've been saving and said she'll pay for half as an early bday present. I was ecstatic! I like the "brown" Spy and asked the SA what color it was, was it cognac or chocolate.
    She gave me this haughty look and said, "it's brown". wtf?
    I asked if they had the corded chocolate spy available. She told me, "we only have this brown Spy bag."
    The woman didn't even take it off their security rope for me to try it on!
    After looking over "brown" Spy before purchasing it, I found that the snap on the coin purse wasn't working properly: it did not stay close!
    I pointed this out to the SA and asked her for a new one. She said they only had one in the store. She didn't even check!
    I told her I wasn't paying $2,400 for a bag that, imo, is faulty as the other Spy bags on hand closes very tightly. Asked her to "please check" other NM locations.
    She sighed at me and said she really didn't see any problem with it. She di go to check her system after rolling her eyes at me and came back to tell me that there were no other NM that carries this brown spy, only in their warehouse, and there's only 10 left.
    I asked her to order it, and she told me it was $35 for shipping. WTF?!
    I had enough and told her I am going to Saks and having them order it for me and left.
    I'm still upset!
    I was soooo close to getting my Spy!!
    Since she apparently knows less about Fendi Spies than I do (which is SAD), will someone let me know if the chocolate corded spy is still available to purchase? Willing to order it from Las Vegas Fendi boutique if I have to!
    I'm getting my Spy one way or another.

    Oh yeah, my mom told me she wants one for Christmas! :Push::roflmfao:

    sorry for the long thread, and thanks for allowing me to vent. :shame:
  2. That's terrible - just because sales assistant is surrounded by high end goods does not give them the right to be snooty or not do their job! That bag was obviously not meant for you - considering the circumstances - good luck with ordering in the one you want.
  3. Dear Wildorchids:

    That is very unfortunate that the SA at Saks doesn't know what she's talking about in addition to being very unaccomodating to a Spy bag customer.
    For your information, Spy bag in All Calf leather comes in 3 different shades of brown - Dark Brown, Cognac, and natural (in order of darker to lighter). As far as the loose coin purse closure, you can always take it to Fendi store to get it tightened. I am not sure what you mean by chocolate corded spy (do you mean that it's not leather spy bag?) but let me know if you want the contact information of my Fendi SA. She has found me a lot of rare, hard-to-find Fendi pieces (including the squirrel velvet spy bag and alligator villa borghese) and definitely nicer than the one you had to deal with at Saks!
  4. wildorchids- I don't know if this will help, but I would talk to someone else in the handbag dept. I just recently requested that an item be sent to my NM from another location and it was free (there WAS a charge to have them ship it DIRECT to my address). Sounds like you just happened onto a SA who was either having a bad day or needs a different job that doesn't require asssisting others.
  5. Hi Fendi_Trendi (cute name!)
    It's the SA at NM that's a witch, not Saks. hehe Saks doesn't have a Fendi boutique yet. I just called them and they're putting one together as we speak and is scheduled to open tomorrow. I have to wait until next weekend to check them out for myself as they're in SF.
    The corded spy I'm referring to was found on the Spy list from Liti. I think it was referred to as "corded", and it was brown...I could be wrong though. The firewall at work won't allow me to open that link to show you.
    I wanted to see these colors in person before I make the purchase because sometimes a photo does not do it justice.
    If you could please provide your SA's #, I'd appreciate it. I will have to call her/him if and when my trip to Saks doesn't pan out. I have until end of September to decide.
    Thanks so much!
  6. Jenn - I did try that, and unfortunately it didn't work. :Push: Before I left, I tried the others in the handbag dept (I was so wanting to order my Spy yesterday) said that they were restricted to their area and couldn't tred over to "Fendi".
    It's too much a hassle, and like Daisy said, it was probably not meant for me.
    I've given up on NM. They're just so rude!:tdown:
  7. What a terrible way to treat a customer! Maybe it was for the best. Hope you find the spy you really want.
  8. Sorry to hear about this.

    Unfortunately, some SA's know less about the product they are selling then the customer! I have asked for specific bags by name or give some other relevant details, and I get a blank stare :wtf:

    Luckily, most are competent, but there are some interesting SA experiences I have had that left me shaking my head :nogood:

    Don't let this deter you from reaching your goal!!! You're new SPY!!!
    :yahoo::wlae: :jammin:
  9. since you're in the SF bay area -- have you tried NM SF? i always see spys there... and the SAs there are usually pretty helpful (if you go in person, not over the phone)... good luck!
  10. #10 Aug 8, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2008
    Honestly, I've never really checked out NM SF since I've had bad luck with NM in Stanford. The Stanford SA told me there were no Spies at SF NM.... shows what she knows, huh? I'll check it out for sure.
    I want to check out the new Fendi boutique in Saks too!
    Does anyone know what is the current price for a dark brown/chocolate Spy?

    Had to edit, found the answer to my other question. :smile:
  11. #11 Aug 8, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2008
    ^^ i was there 2weeks ago (?) and they had like 4 spies on display! i remember they had the chocolate, and some sort of white spy, and 2 others (sorry i didnt really pay attention)... but they were definitely there!

    also -- bloomies SF had some as well, the orange-y color? also they had tons of brown/logo fabric spies

    good luck!!!
  12. I don't know if you wanted to get a spy online, but Saks has some online. I am not quite sure if ithey have chocolate but when I last checked they had the metallic, black, buscuit, pomegrante, zucca, and violet.
  13. Didn't like the colors I saw online at Saks :sad:
    Does anyone know what color this is? Is it pomegrante?

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  14. Wow! It's really apauling how some SA's can be so snotty. You'd think they would want to make the sale...especially of a bag that costs a couple thousand dollards!!!

    About the Corded Spy....I dont think they are still making those. I could be wrong, of course. But It might be possible to find one if you call around or are able to find an SA whose willing to help you out and check the other stores.

    Good Luck! I hope you get a Spy Bag soon!
  15. .
    Yes, it's pomegranate! I think it's such a cool color! I sooo want a Spy in that color!