still looking for celine boogie frame bag

  1. I'm Still Looking For Celine Boogie Frame Bag In Black.please Help. Thank You.
  2. You could make it a saved search on eBay and get e-mail notifications whenever a listing comes up, but there are quite a few fakes floating around eBay right now. The Nice and London boutiques have a few bags left, but you'd be paying retail for those.

    I linked you to an eBay listing with an authentic bag in your other thread; if that price is still too rich for your blood, you might try bargaining the seller down.

    Good luck!
  3. Dear Evoque,i Paid For It But Unfortunately She ( The Seller) Did Not Know That She Is Out Of Celine Frame Bag.waiting For The Refund.thank You.
  4. Evoque, Could You Post The Link .i Can'n Find Them.i Absolutely Love This Bag .maybe I'll Pay Full Price.thank U.
  5. Sorry; what links are you talking about? If you mean the Celine boutiques, you can use the store locator on their Web site to ring up your nearest store and see if you can do a charge-send.

    Good luck!