Still looking for a Kooba Marcelle

  1. in Cognac ... if anyone should spot one that they are sure about being AUTHENTIC, I am very, very interested. Thanks! I am interested in no other colors.
  2. And I have also been looking for one in black. There are none to be found. I did see one on eBay yesterday but the pics were terrible. Besides, I really don't feel comfortable getting one from eBay. So, I keep checking websites in hope that one might pop up. I even dropped by Saks yesterday to look for one and to see the new bags. There were neither. But since I'm searching I'll keep you in mind, too. And gals, please let me know if you see a Marcelle in black. Wishing us both luck...
  3. Kitson has the black ... though they want retail for it still, and I know nothing about authenticity there - are they OK?

    Shop | Kitson Boutique
  4. Kitson is legit. That's one of the stores where the celebrities shop all the time. If you are talking about the Marcelle from the Spring 2006 line, the Kooba website says that the color is called Toffee. Kitson has Toffee.

    Shop | Kitson Boutique

    kitson17 code should get you 20% off.
  5. I think I have spotted the Toffee at an Off Saks. I am pretty sure it was this same style for about $300. Sorry for the sketchy details, but I was looking for a different bag and wasn't too focused on anything else!
  6. Can you tell me which Off Saks?? Thanks!

    Thanks Cheekers for the Kitson info. My friend has been dying for a black Marcelle. I'm going to pass the info along to her now.
  7. I am pretty sure they had that one at the Saks Off 5Th in Philadelphia too. I will be going there tomorrow if you want me to check.
    If you want to call there it is the Saks at Franklin Mills Mall, The address is on Franklin Mills Blvd. I'm sure they will tell you if they have one.
  8. Hmmm, well all of the other stores - Revolve, NM, BG listed the color I wanted as Cognac. I want to say the toffee is a bit darker. Lexie, we need your input! IF Toffee is the same, whoever offered to check their Saks for me I would love it, as my Off Fifths do NOT have it. Thanks!
  9. I've seen it on sale in the Moss color on several sites.:yes: I wouldn't purchase from Kitson-all of their bags are full price, while many of them are on sale for 45-50% off on other websites that we mention on the TPF!
  10. Really?? Which sites??
  11. I saw it at Revolve.:yes:
  12. ^ It's sold out at Revolve. Anywhere else?
  13. Oh I actually saw that one on Revolve, but it's been "sold out" for a while. I keep checking thinking it'll magically become "in stock" again, but no luck :sad:.
  14. ^ Yah, why do they keep the info up, to tease us?:yes:
  15. haha well its funny i was just looking around to see if i could try and find your bag looked forever finally found tranquillity and then found that there are threads that they arrent reputable so now im back at sq 1, i was so psyched i found your bag there and then i saw the thread about them :sad: