Still looking for a Grey Mayfair...

  1. Anyone seen one? Anywhere?
  2. the last time I saw one in person was Barney's SF on sale for around $599...i know it isn't there anymore since I went there again over the weekend, but you never know who may return one. Maybe call Barney's and see if they do searches? Good luck!
  3. thanks anegelisa... i called and no luck. still looking!
  4. wow thanks! that color is soo gorgeous, but i just bought the teal mayfair on sale yesterday!! maybe i'll have to trade. i think i'll wait to see the teal first, it should be here today.
  5. ^ Really? Where did you buy it? I've been looking for one on sale ever since NM cancelled my order!!

    Please post pics when it arrives!! :heart:
  6. i bought it from Barneys in seattle. i had them search for the grey and while their computer shows there are 2 left- they are apparently missing. but then he was like, "oh but i have this green one and its on sale for 359" :nuts: i had to buy it! i'll post pics as soon as it arrives!
  7. OMG did I read right, $359??!! That's such a steal! Congrats!
    And I thought the NM sale for the Mayfair in Teal for $402 was a great deal!
  8. WHAT? you guys get such great deals! congrats!!!!
  9. you did telicious and i know... so i HAD to buy it!

    but joke, you have the grey mayfair, which is the fairest of them all for me. i've been searching and searching. do you love it?