Still learning... :)

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  1. I am watching this watch right now:

    I had NO idea that it was still worth a lot. I thought this watch was gorgeous, and was one I had earmarked that I would like to have if it became available. I put a proxy bid on it when it was still in the "teens" area of pricing, but had no idea that it would get up to here (and still going up).

    Granted I'm new still (only started collecting in the last year) and therefore have a lot to learn. But are there any items that still surprise you all, in regards to demand or worth?
  2. WOW! I have that watch in silver... I'm actually wearing it right now, lol. Good to know if I ever decide to part with it there's a demand for it... I had no idea! I've never seen a LAMB watch go that high...
  3. Good to know, right? :biggrin:
    I wonder if the seller didn't know as well? They started the bid at 9.99 with free shipping and no reserve. Well, at any rate, if they didn't know, I'm sure they are happy now, and I'm happy for them! (though sad that I can't afford the watch :P)
  4. Ok, I just had a really interesting history lesson in all things LAMB. I was doing a search on a specific bag when I stumbled onto this site:

    It shows the evolution of the LAMB collection starting spring of 2007. There are bags that I had no idea even existed until I saw this site. There are smaller permutations of the mandy - kind of like a morant with a strap, there is a smaller version of the aviano and imperia, a smaller version of the sutton - it's really fascinating. It also gives me an idea of how the line really developed, and where (in my opinion) it lost its juice and totally began to flop. I think that the idea WAS to have the signature collection be a more permanent fixture originally (it doesn't say that on the site, I just inferred this from watching the evolution of the collection) but I think the problem was that those original gorgeous designs did not evolve in a way that was exciting and beautiful, and so the designs got more and more watered down.

    Anyways, for some of you who came into this passion late, like I did, and wonder sometimes how on earth LAMB could make some gorgeous pieces that make you want to sing with joy and then some other pieces that make you want to go hide in the corner (that's how I feel, anyways), take a look at this site and you'll have a much better idea of how the whole line developed.

  5. Yes, that site has served as our reference LAMB bible.
  6. I've consulted that site many, many times in the last few months. It really does give you so much great info. I just wish it wasn't inactive anymore. The last season listed is Spring 09. :sad:
  7. I love that site too! Does anyone know Amy? We should email her to tell her how much we all love it, maybe she would update it again!
  8. She was going through a lot of personal issues the last I had heard and that is why the site hasn't been updated.
  9. ^^Aww, that's sad to hear. :sad: I certainly hope things are better now for her.
  10. i read that she was going through some things too...i use to reference a ton of things...i wish someone would start a lambcollection website where the previous one left off :heart: