Still Interested in LV tPF Meeting?

  1. Now that the holidays have passed I wanted to find out if people were still interested in getting together in various cities for LV-specific tPF meetings?
    I am really interested in a Chicago one (that I can plan) and I'll be in Boston at the end of March.

    If there is an interest I can talk to one of the mods about stickying a Chicago one....and if anyone else wants to try to put one together in one of the other major cities that was discussed (San Fran, Vegas, & New York).

    What do you think?
  2. i would love it!
  3. I would love it!!! I've been beggin my dh to go on a trip, but this would be perfect.:yahoo:
  4. Totally! I'd go to the Chicago one!
  5. Me and a few other Pfer's in Texas were planning on setting up a meeting in Houston. We are still doing it as far as I know but we haven't set a date yet!
  6. Oh I want to go! I don't think I can travel though! lol! But I am in Los Angeles, if any one here wants to, we can start planning one! Let me know!
  7. i'm fairly close to chicago... i'd go if i can.
  8. count me in!! :yes:

  9. Well I know we have a few Chicago area I'll contact Irene and have her create a sticky for a Chicago one and we can start tossing around dates, etc. and maybe get something going for the Spring in chicago (so the weather will be a little warmer for all the walking on the Mile)!

    And if someone wants to take the reins for another city that would be great!
  10. I would love it but I´m all the way up here :biggrin: Post pics you guys!
  11. I would love it but I'm in Germany...
  12. any in Australia?
  13. Woohoo....yes to Boston!!! :yes:
  14. I'm in for Houston- Chicago-Las Vegas and of course Manhattan!!!:yes:
  15. wooohoo Ama!!!!!! I have requested that Irene create a Chicago sticky...and hopefully others will kind of take charge of another city :smile: