Still in trouble... Help me please!

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  1. :sad: Hi again, days ago I asked you about what to buy for my mom´s birth.

    I went to the LV store (again, how suffering haha) and asked for the mini ellipse but it was really really expensive!! it was sth like 600 dlls, but it was so damn nice and cute... unfortunately its beauty wasn´t enough to pay it :sad:

    I was about to go but I saw a preety little pouch or clutch called Berlington, it was new to me altough it wasn´t for them, and the price was really razonable. then I asked for the Pochette cles in Perfo but they don´t have it for now, and it will be there on Saturday so I promised to return and decide between both in hands, the price is similar in the 2 arts.

    So now I need ur help again, what to buy, Berlingot or Pochette cless? Do you have one of this? what can the cles hold?

    It would be so helpfull, thanks!:smile:
  2. The cles can hold credit cards, or change, or an ipod nano.

    I don't really like the sticking out shape of the berlingot, I'm not sure how pratical it is. It is cute though, looks like one of those ice treats !
  3. i say the pochette cles as's adorable what's not to love? :love:

  4. It´s me again, a last question

    Can the pochette cles hold an ipod nano?

    It would be really really helpfull, please
  5. I would say get the cles. It seems more functional and not digging the shape of the Berlignot.

  6. OMG Alya u read my mind!

    I was thinking my mom would stuff her ipod there, I like the nano case but I love the perfo, and I think she´d luv it too, but can it hold it with earphones?

    sorry for the interrogation haha but simply cant wait to see it!
  7. Oops
  8. i say the perfo one wold be nice, i was going to buy it for my mom but i found out it does not come in the fushia.
  9. You could just buy her the ipod nano case? They have one out now. Here's mine. It was $215
  10. Pochette cless!
  11. I vote for a cles too:love:
  12. That's so cute !! :amuse:
  13. Maybe she would just like the nano case? That looks so cute!