Still in the hospital bed...

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  1. but so excited to share photos of my prince ! :yahoo:

    Gave birth on 30th Jan 2010 @ 8.04am. I'm lying in bed right now trying to hold in the pain of the stitches from the episiotomy.. :sweatdrop:


  2. aww..he's so cute! congrats!!

    and hope u are healing well. i didn't have an episiotomy but i had a 3rd degree tear and had to get seriously stitched up..motrin and cold packs help a lot
  3. CONGRATS!! hes precious.. hope your healing well :smile:
  4. he's BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!!!
  5. The pain will go away! I agree, cold packs and motrin!!!

    He is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  6. Congrats!! aww adorable!! Feel better soon :smile:
  7. congrats, he's adorable... take the meds, good luck!
  8. So cute!! Congratulations :smile:
  9. He's precious! Congrats!
  10. Thanks all .. Still learning hw to be a mom
  11. congrats, keep healthy and well rested for now . . .
  12. Congrats!! He's adorable!! Hope you're feeling better very soon!
  13. Congrats! He's so precious! It will heal within 6weeks! It's worth it for e sake of your son!
  14. How gorgeous is he?! A big congrats to you!!
  15. So precious!!! Congrats! Don't forget sitz bath, it will accelerate healing. Its all worth it :smile: