Still in Spiaggia in Denver.

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  1. <sigh... the title of this post was SUPPOSED TO BE "Still NO Spiaggia in Denver" Why can't you edit the titles when you screw them up???>

    I'm beginning to think they are not going to get it in :sad:

    It really must not sell well around here. They still have both Pirata Zuccas that they had last time I was there two weeks agao. And all 4 Pirata Giocos. And all the Pirata, Notte and Adios BVs. In fact it looks like the only things that sold were a (very) few pieces in Lamore.

    Looks like I may have to get my Spiaggia off of eBay....
  2. aww DreamsOfToki :sad:

    maybe .. just mayybe they'll surprise you with a shipment of Spiaggia. When L'Amore came out NY didn't get it until weeks after it was released elsewhere.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!
  3. I've looked everywhere also and can't find anything, so I just ordered my spiagga zucca from the Bev Cente, should be her any day now. Where are you looking?
  4. The only place in Denver that I know of that (usually) carries it is Macy's....
  5. Oh right on thats where I check also, I was just making sure I wasn't missing something.
  6. Found spiaggia at the Macy at Cherry Creek.
  7. The Macy's in Albuqerque still has almost ALL of their Adios, Amore, and Pirata. Hardly anything has sold. The earlier prints did really well, especially Foresta -- maybe that's why they ordered so many of the new bags, but so far none of the current prints seem to be selling at all. There's probably 20 bags each in Amore & Pirata, and maybe 10 in Adios. The SA had no idea when or if they would be getting new prints in, and even if they got some I doubt they would put them out until some of the current stuff sells. :sad:
  8. Thanks!!! Any Zuccas???

    I'll be checking the Macy's at Park Meadows on Thursday!
  9. I'd wait it out or call around. You may get a better deal than off ebay. All the ones I have been seeing are way over priced.
  10. Well there was one at Cherry Creek last Friday, and they still only had Pirata at Park Meadows, I bought thier last Camppeggio yesterday! YAY
  11. So Spiaggia was ONLY at Cherry Creek?? Rats! I should have driven the extra 20 miles last Wednesday!!!
  12. Yes only Cherry Creek.