still in love with my fendi baby spy

  1. hello! this is my first post in the fendi forum. i am mostly in the LV and balenciaga forum. here is my black baby spy that i got 2 years ago while in hong kong but i am still loving it to death:heart: . out of all my bags, my bf likes this one the best.

    excuse the outfit but i am very casual when it comes to clothes.
  2. Very cute, I have a zucca baby spy, and love it as well. It's a really good size and just a great bag all around.
  3. How can anyone NOT like the baby spy?!

    (Of course, I'm a little biased! ;))

    She looks beautiful on!
  4. I love your outfit in the pic and the bag is gourgous
  5. Yes indeed! :yahoo:
  6. Lovely it is so cute.
  7. Your outfit & the bracelet are soooh cute with this bag!:nuts: I LUV it!
  8. Hi there! I love your baby spy, it looks so good on you! do you mind if i ask how tall you are? thanks
  9. Adorable bag....and your outfit is very cute too!!
  10. thanks everyone for the sweetest compliments.:heart:

    laksalala: i am 5'1"
  11. I love it too.. kinda miss it.
  12. The baby Spy is so cute - no wonder you love her so much :heart:
  13. its really cute.. i like the baby spy more and more
  14. I have the same one and i love it too! it looks great on you :smile:
  15. Very cute and it looks great on you!