Still in love with Gaucho ????

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  1. it is beautiful!
  2. ReRe more pics girl! :heart:
  3. yes! i have two of them. a khaki-ish olive in the mini size and burgundy for the medium size! the mini always gets many compliments because of the cute factor. i dont really find the medium has THAT much more room than the mini, but it can hold a fair amount of stuff
  4. if there's not much difference in roominess, do you recommend i get a mini? i've got a white medium and waiting for my khaki medium to arrive.:confused1:
  5. i have taken pix before and answered the question w/ my comparison photos. i will reattach for you!

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    one more pic wearing the mini gaucho

    honestly for me i prefer the mini... but i am petite. what i dislike about the medium is that the middle tends to 'bend' at the top when it's held against my body. (so from a top view, it looks like > if you get what i mean) as a result it makes it difficult to get in and out of the bag at times.

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  7. thanks so much for the pics. they're really helpful. i'm only 5 ft 2" so you modelling the mini gives me a good idea. i'm still confused though. i've got two mediums (i know what you mean about the bending in the middle) but am thinking of bidding for a black mini if they are deemed authentic. I'm just wondering if it's worth it. your burgundy looks fab though!
  8. i think the mini will be good for you. i am 5'4" =)
  9. i've only just discovered it!! I fell in love with this one...


    and i JUST BOUGHT MY FIRST GAUCHO (a burgundy double flap -- used on ebay) !!!!!!!!!! i will post pics when i get it...

    oh but now i want a mini!

    and an olive green one!

    and one in bone!
  10. I have a large zip-topped hobo in black and the mini style in olive green/kakhi.

    Love, love, love them both! By far my favorite handbags!

  11. Congrats Spielberg1!

    I absolutely adore my blue Double Saddle:heart:! Such a fun, edgy bag. I'm sure you will love it too.

    Can't wait for the pics!

  12. oh i would love the blue one too!!! and olive! and bone! ;) do you have pics up somewhere of yours?!
  13. I still love my dior gaucho. I have a medium vintage white one and a denim gaucho saddle. For awhile, i've been thinking of parting w/ my medium white one but i just can't seem to bring myself to do that. i love dior!!!
  14. Oh!!! CONGRATS!
    its my dream bag! :yes::heart::P
  15. So so so so want one of these.
    Except I'm being difficult and want the brown leather one that came out in 2006 I think?
    I think this is a definite (but future) purchase.