Still in love with Gaucho ????

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  1. That is an amazing bag - what a great deal - wow! That is such a versatile color too - enjoy it forever! :okay:
  2. such a deal ReRe congrats girl! :yahoo:
  3. Thanks I'm getting in alot of trouble this week, a Bottega Veneta and now the Gaucho, hart to resist those outlet sales.
  4. I should buy less handbags and take a spelling class. Sean at Cabazon sends me emails when the bags are on sale, so its hard to stay out of trouble. I'll post pictures when it comes. I thought this one looked a little different than my other two gauchos.
  5. Am I the only one who hasn't caught the gaucho bug??
  6. What a great price. Do you know if they have the Gaucho in medium for a great price? I'm looking for more in different colours. Your new bag is stunning!!!!
  7. Yes you are !!!!:lol:
  8. It doesn't do anything for me, natalia :P
  9. well, you asked ! ;)
  10. It's because of the Gaucho that I'm on this forum. I think they're stunning! I've never wanted a bag so badly. I've just snapped up an off white medium one from ebay at "buy it now" price as, yes, it's so hard to get one in Australia. Waiting to get a khaki mini Gaucho but not sure from where yet as dior stores in Sydney don't stock the mini currently (that's what they told me). Btw, how do you keep your bone coloured tote clean??
  11. Yeah unfortunately we're all out of stock of the bags in the Sydney store... Only have the cosmetics case/pouch left.
  12. I don't own the gaucho, but still love it!!
  13. :cursing:
    Because the color of the bag is already sort of discolored/washed to make it look rustic - I don't really find any trouble with keeping it clean. I have been able to get the black rub marks off from where the snaps and coin and stuff rubb on the leather (just using normal leather cleaser). And there is minor dirt on the handles - but in general it holds up really well.

    And to everyone on here who spends big money on their bags -

    BEWARE DARK DENIM !!!! :nuts: It will be your bag's worst enemy :cursing:
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    Double braided handle gaucho in luggage color arrived today, I love it even more than my medium red and mini denim. So glad I bought it. Original price was over $1800, and picked it up for $675, it is definitely different. I don't know if they have any medium gauchos, possibly they did in suede, but email Sean at:

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