Still in love with Gaucho ????

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  2. I think the fact that variations of the bag were produced over 2 seasons and the style probably received enough interest, but not as much as the Lady Dior, that to keep the style exclusive, they decided not to produce the bag in another variety. I think also it could be because Galliano, at the time, had other inspirations and didn't have any more ideas on how to update the existing style so left it at that. Kind of like the difficulty I've had in trying to source the D'Trick clutch since it was introduced in 2004. I finally found one after 8 years of searching, the exact one I want (just one compartment) in pink jacquard. I've only seen 2 pop up on Ebay since then and I got one of them ;)

    Will update with a photo when I get home! I got myself a very special Gaucho in Jan 2007 that I really still love and use! It was stored away for a bit of time, but it's back with a vengeance! :lol:
  3. as promised, here's my very special baby, mini Gaucho in gold leather :biggrin: please excuse the weird angle of the strap, it's been kept in storage for a while with the strap folded and now it needs more constant love and care to restore it's supple shape :cry: I also had the medium Gaucho in off white, but I sold it late last year because I didn't use it often enough, but this one I refuse to part with

  4. It's really an awesome bag! It's ridiculously cute in this size with the oversized buckle. :smile:
  5. thanks, I really love my bag esp since it's my first big purchase :biggrin:
  6. how's everyone's gauchos holding up? :smile:
  7. Mine are holding up very well. It's a very well-made bag.

  8. I would never sell this one, no way. You'd regret it, promise. What I love about these bags - you'll rarely see other people carrying them. It's one handbag I wish they still had in production. You've got a fantastic Dior!
  9. TDF is an understatement! WOWza!
  10. I know that it's been well over a year since the last post but I was feeling nostalgic so I decided to pull out my off white small Dior gaucho bag.

    I got this when it first came out, don't even remember the year. Yep it's a pretty old bag and for some reason I still hold on to it. By now, it may not be to some people's liking anymore but I still love it :P

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  11. I still love the Gaucho, too. The leather on it is durable and wonderful to touch. My mom still has a mini Gaucho in black leather that she loves.
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