Still in love with Gaucho ????

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  1. Please tell me I'm not the only one left. I'm still in love with the Dior Gaucho. I think it's gorgeous, and have just gotten my second one. I have one tote in bone, and the mini style in olive green/kakhi.

    Here in Australia we are always the last to get things... It takes a while for newer styles to arrive and catch on.

    But there hasn't been anything new by Dior that I have been as drawn to.

    Any other ladies out there still loving the Gaucho? :love:
  2. I'm not a lady but I think the Gaucho is still hot!!! My mom has 2 of them and is thinking of getting one more in the new zipper tote style.
  3. yes, still in love w gaucho:tup::heart:
  4. :tup: Yeah I have it in Burgundy in the tote and double saddle and still love both! I am planning to sell one to make way for new bag purchases but it's such a timeless bag that I'll keep the other one forever! It's just such a great casual bag to wear with cowboy boots. I definitely think the Gaucho will make a comeback!
  5. Eh I fell off the wagon. I have the gaucho tote and it's just too bulky for my liking. Plus my freaking key gets stuck on everything especially when I get out of the car.

    I'm carrying it now though (resting my saddle for a while) and I still get tons of compliments.
  6. YES Still very MUCH!!
  7. Definitely, my mini gaucho is about the only bag I wouldn't part with ;)
  8. yes I have a tote in burgundy and in off white and let me tell you none of my bags got as much use ever as the burgundy tote did...not only its a fab bag but the leather is so turdy i toss and throw it around and it still looks new...I will never part with my gauchos :love:
  9. omg the gaucho is the reason why i'm hooked on the Dior subforum always looking for a good deal !!! I saw it IRL in New York n cannot get it off my mind - its gorgeous!!! :heart:
  10. I only have gauch, but i love it and use it all the time
  11. still loving mine... I have an off-white one and it really seams to go with everything... great go to back when I'm like hmmmm what bag should I wear with this outfit.
  12. I still love the Gaucho. Still saving for one.
  13. I just sold my brown double saddle Gaucho... I actually still LOVE it I just needed to make way for new bags and streamline my collection.
  14. I'm with you ... I still love my gaucho, I've had mine almost two years! I'm not too excited by any of the new styles coming out lately either!
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