Still Hunting...Top Handle Daphne

  1. Do any of you have one of these? Do you have pics? They seem to be scarce even on eBay. Does anyone remember the original colors?
  2. I'm not sure which one the top handle is. Are you talking about the straw one?
  3. The same style as the straw one, but I know it came in calfskin leather too.
  4. I was able to find these two already, I'm still looking to see what else I can find. I'd imagine it was made in black too at least.
    570901s.jpg 570903s.jpg

  5. Only 3 colors...white, camel and coral which I have and LOVE! I've been on the hunt for one in camel on eBay but I've yet to see one.
  6. ^No black huh? That's surprising. I have the Daphne braided handled satchel and it came in black so I just figured the other Daphne styles would have too.

    That coral is preeeeeeetty.
  7. Right, no black in this style. Only White, Coral & Camel. Search eBay for style # 5709. It retailed for $598, and was a Ltd. Ed., so it was only available in Flagship locations.
  8. ive been looking for daphne in coral too!
    havent found one :crybaby: