Still hunting for the Black Baby Cabas! Pls pls help!

  1. Hi!

    Anyone know where I can get a black Baby Cabas except eBay?

    Thanks so much!!:yahoo:
  2. my sis got one from Saks bev hills 2 weeks ago. She lucked out because they had just put it out on the floor and she snatched it up. They said they had just gotten 2 in. Its a longshot but maybe you can try calling Saks and see if they can still locate one.
  3. Its great news to hear that they still have it in the stores. I am looking for a brown/bronze one... Do you have any contact at that Saks? Thanks lots.
  4. GL in finding her...i love my black baby cabas a lot! In fact, i've seen a few listed on ebay in case u can't find her in any stores.
  5. I tried locating one with Saks a couple of days ago---no luck...