Still Hot?

  1. Do you think that the black Kooba Sienna is still hot? If so, do you think it will be considered stylish for a while (a classic style)? I am thinking of getting one. Also, any suggestions for black leather shoulder bags that can fit a good amount of stuff in them?

  2. I think the bag is still pretty current. I have seen the style trickle down to the "masses" in that other retailers are now copying the style (not necessarily counterfeiting). I think it will be around for awhile. I think you can also take comfort in the fact that it's a style that seems to be repeated in different colors every season, so as far as Kooba goes, it's pretty classic.
  3. I think it's classic. Probably you will be wearing it in ten years. But I prefer Claudia style. It's a shoulder bag too. And for me it's more modern.