Still having eluxury issues!

  1. so frustrating when you want to look something up! Can someone who has access look up their e-mail address. I want to report the problem, I figure if enough of us complain they will fix it!
  2. lol...I thought it was just me!!! I have been trying to look at LV wallets all damn day...the pages just wont open...well, its saving me money!!!
  3. me too sunshine! The sound of that damier koala sounds so good!
  4. I don't think the technical support is open today or customer service. I say hang tight!
  5. works fine for me. i've visited several times throughout the day and haven't had any problems.
  6. Lucky Girl!!! I just sent them an email.
  7. i'm a guy =P

    hope it starts working for you soon though.. perhaps can tide you over in the mean time?
  8. Earlier, I could not access the website. Finally, about one hour ago, I was able to access and navigate through it.
  9. Sorry Farmer!!! DUDE, I can not order at wild abandon on the LV site!!! lol (I can not call the 888 as my sweet, loving, kind, MEAN, shopper hater husband is home) lol
  10. I bet the have IT 24 hours a day, we are a much smaller dot com and we do. Because when the servers go down it's $$$

    Sunshine, what's the email addy? TIA
  11. I still can't get on either, with either our PC or mac, so it must be something about our home internet connection (have no idea what, though)
    The eluxury customer service number is 1-877-890-7171. They told me they were having issues earlier today but should be accessible now. I guess I'll need to talk to my dsl company and see what could be going on to block this one site . . .
  12. tangle I don't think its you. There are too many of us still having issues
  13. I was trying just now to navigate around the site when a message popped up that they are updating their site and technical problems are possible. Oh well...:shrugs:
  14. yep the site doesnt load for me either
  15. Me either, still