Still havent decided on my first LV purchase

  1. I am going to be ordering from eluxury but still unsure of what I want MOST!

    White MC Speedy
    White MC Alma
    Perf. speedy in fushia
    or a Vernis Houston in Framboise

    what do you all think?

    different ones have told me to get a brown mono for my first LV, they are beautiful but I really LOVE these more!

    I hve been trying to find something on ebay or some where to spend alittle less but i have broken down and an just going to get from eluxury, so I don't have to worrie about authenticity of my first LV
  2. I'll go for the Vernis Houston in framboise! :love:
    beautiful bag, Lovely color, good size, hand or shoulder carry... perfect!:heart: :girlsigh:
  3. White MC Alma!!
  4. I think the Perf is a good idea, there aren't many left & it will be a great collectors piece if you ever decide to sell. Plus it is a fun bag that can be used w/o as much worry as the white MC. I think you would be happy with any of those choices though.
  5. I'd go with the white MC Alma! Have fun choosing!
  6. White MC speedy!!
  7. agreed! :yes: :love:
  8. White MC speedy !

    Try poupetteluxe as well. :smile:
  9. Me too:yes:
  10. hi,
    I love the speedy fucsia perfo.....I love speedy in general so I suggest you this bag
  11. Speedy. Speedyspeedyspeedy.
  12. I agree with everyone that said WHITE MC SPEEDY I :love: this bag becasue it was my first LV!
  13. Have you been able to see/hold all of these bags in person yet?? Do you have the opportunity to?
  14. perfo speedy fuschia. it's a limited item :P
  15. White MC Speedy!!!