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Which color?

  1. Ink

  2. Black

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  1. I bought an Ink First yesterday but have doubts now about whether or not I made the right choice. Even though I love ink, I think black would be more classic and versatile in the long run. I wear lots of black and I am not really a color person. Should I exchange my ink for black? I know that black will always be available while ink is limited. But I am looking for a bag that I can use every day without worrying about matching it to my clothes (I seem to wear black with everything). Plus, this is my most expensive bag, so I won't be buying another one for a long time. So, if I could have only ONE Balenciaga, what color should I get?

    What do you think? Please vote!!! Thank you!
  2. chickie, originally i would have voted for the ink, because it's such a cool, beautiful & versatile color the owner of both black & ink b-bags, i think you can wear the ink with anything you'd wear with black...but since you're having some major reservations, maybe you should exchange it for the ever classic black's too much $$$ to spend on something you're not sure about ;)

    p.s. best of luck with whatever decision you make likeafeather!!!
  3. I personally love my ink. But I have to tell you- I also had second thoughts at first. I took a couple of days to see if the color grew on me, and it did. And I have not looked back since. Because of the color- you get three bags in one really. So my vote is for ink! You can always get a black bag, but ink is a treasure!
  4. Why do I always have this problem? LOL Every time I buy an expensive bag, I have MAJOR doubts about something. But in the end, I end up loving it! Ughhhh...

    Thank your for your reply!
  5. Just take a few days to think about it, and if you still feel the same way, then return it. Like Aaalabama said, its too much money not to be totally in love! Good luck with your decision!!!
  6. I agree with Jag. Take a few days to decide. I purchased an ink city and then a couple months down the road a black city. I must say I really loved the ink, but for me, my final keeper is the black:graucho: Which ever you choose they are both absolutely georgeous!:yes:
  7. It's up to you. I say keep it and get a black later.
  8. I have 2 black ones (different sizes) and no ink ones and periodically start considering ink--but it's the same thing for me--I wear a lot of black and I somehow don't think it really does go with black (to my eye). If it would look for consistently purple, I would feel differently, but when it starts to look blue, I think um--no.
  9. i say INK!!!!! i love my ink, i think the color is so unique and versatile. i have no problems wearing it with black...perhaps the only colors it wouldn't go with are reddish tones. black is produced every single season, every type of bag can be produced in black but no other bag is produced in ink.
  10. I have both and if I could only have one bag and I was going to carry it everyday all the time I would go for the black. When you have more money to buy more bags you will be able to find an ink, maybe not at this pricing but money can buy anything. In the mean time, you will have a wonderful love affair with balenciaga and then you will start thinking about the future bags. Just like the little black dress, nothing is better than the perfect black handbag.
  11. I have an ink in the City (love the color) and decided to go for the Black in the Classique because I have several larger Black bags (non-balenciag though) and wanted a smaller 'fun' black bag that would fit all of my necessities and also create a bit of 'edge' to an outfit. The Black classique fits the bill for me. So I voted Black Classique.
  12. I'd say keep the ink. Black is staple and classic but you know what? There are lots of black bags you can get apart from Balenciaga but really only one Ink. I've never seen any other bags that looks like Ink. It's such a unique colour and very pretty too. It's quite dark in certain lightings, close to black. So, not only is it an attractive colour, it's also versatile.
  13. ink for sure... this colour will be hard to come by very soon!!!
  14. Definitely Ink. You can always get the Black later on;) Have an ink and will never consider parting with it.
  15. keep the ink~