Still happy & healthy at age 15!

  1. This is our :heart: dog, Smoky, who celebrated his 15th bd yesterday. That is really old for a Norwegian Elkhound. I did this bd routine earlier when he asked for a snack before it was snack time, and he absolutely went crazy over the candle. (not to mention the salmon) BUT, I was alone and just sick that no one else was there to see his excitement. By the time my son came over last night, Smoky was dead asleep and we had to scream "Food!" to make him wake up. Should've taken pictures earlier. :sad:
  2. Well gee, wasn't that exciting, lol? It was to our Elkhound group, because we love to have hope that our dogs will live that long. Don't know why I thought that was exciting here. :confused1:
  3. Aw - congrats and happy birthday to your doggie!
  4. Awww What a sweet baby you have there! Of course it's exciting, give him some birthday kisses from me! :smile:
  5. What a sweetie! He looks so cute with his tail wagging. Lots of happy birthday hugs and pats for Smoky.:balloon:
  6. Aaaw, what a cutie :love: Happy birthday, Smoky!:yahoo:
  7. Awwww how sweet! Happy Birthday to your pooch!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SMOKY!!!! :balloon:

    He is adorable!!! You must be awesome parents to have him healthy and happy at 15! Congrats to you too!

    I thought the video was really cute!

    One of our precious pups is named Rowan--I love that name!
  9. How cute! Thanks for sharing.. my SO and I think he's a great dog! So cute! :heart:
  10. how cute! He doesn't look 15 at all, seems to get around just like a younger dog. My baby will be 13 in a couple weeks and that is really inspiring. Hopefully our babies will live a really long time!
  11. lol, he's so cute!!! Happy Birthday smoky!! :biggrin:

    Love the singing btw, lol :smile:
  12. Aww! He really looks great. He definitely looks younger than 15! Especially for a larger dog. Tell him me and my hounds wish him a happy belated birthday.
  13. aww isn't he adorable! that's amazing that such a large dog's lived such a long healthy and happy doggy life! Happy birthday to Smoky :flowers: :love:
  14. What good dog parents you must be plus the good genes Smoky has for him to live to this age! A neighbor had a Norwegian Elkhound and she was so sweet--the whole neighborhood loved her.

    Happy birthday, Smoky! And give yourselves a pat on the back, too.
  15. Happy Birthday Smokey from another old Coot - Reggie

    PS Grisham is a cutie too!