Still Fashionable?

  1. Hello Everyone

    I was just thinking about buying another Chloe bag. I don't use my pocket paddington all that often as I'm addicted to my BV bags at the moment but I'm totally in love with the elephant colour. (It's the Chloe colours that always draw me in!)

    Do you still see these bags around? I was in London recently and didn't see that many and in Dubai I hardly see them at all now. Everyone has the new Gucci bag and the giant Bal bags.

    Tell me what you think?

    Many thanks

  2. You're don't see many of the paddingtons, ascots, or silverados around, but I LOVE mine and continue to wear them. :tup: I LIKE the fact that either they are not the "IT" bags anymore, or people can't afford them so they are not buying as much, because that just makes my collection that much more individual for me. :graucho: IMHO the classic Chloes, especially the paddingtons with the smooshy gorgeous leather, are going to be as iconic as the "Birkin" bag. A real classic! My Chloes are STILL a fashion standout. :supacool:
  3. Hear Hear Beanie,
    I was stunned when in Chicago's miracle mile I saw only one Paddington. My older sister said yippee for the very reasons you sighted above and I couldn't agree more. To this day I remember seeing my first Paddy at Barny's in Chicago and was literally FLOORED. NO BAG has ever done that to me like the Paddington. I mean we were truly blown away.
  4. hi in italy it is still a fashionable bag and i can see a lot of paddingtons in my town and in rome and milan... i think it is an icon of style and i like it a lot,exp .in the small size:yes:
  5. I am reading both the Chloe and Balenciaga forums. This one seems to be very very quiet, apart from the Baby Paddy lovers (which I am in total agreement with by the way). The Bal girls are simply bubbling. Their desire for the new colours is hot, hot, hot!

    I am not sure whether that means that Chloe lovers are more discreet and serious souls or that the Bal bags are currently more desirable. (I thought that they were an over the hill trend until I got hooked.)
  6. I agree, I live in Dubai too and I hardly see any chloes around. I just have two friends who have been bitten by the chloe bug but other than the ugly fakes that i've seen, i have only seen a silverado being carried by a lady in carrefour...

    Oh, come to think of it i've seen a few paddies but not very many!

    I think a new chloe is a good idea though! They are just absolutely amazing!:tup:
  7. I am equally obsessed with both Chloe and Balenciaga - both for different reasons :heart:

    I think the Paddington is now a classic that will probably always be carried, at least for the forseeable future......I guess the novelty has worn off for a lot of people but I still spot Paddies out and about. It is still my most fav bag ever :tup:
  8. hi
    i live in uk hampshire and i never hardly see the paddys, only fakes!
    i love mine and think it makes it more unique!
    i think also people cant aford them as much and also get conned into buying a fake!
  9. I totally went off mine and was going to sell it. The reason being I thought it was such a 'cliche' bag and a 'footballers wives' bag. I was going to buy a BV instead. However my mum said I should keep it and it is definitely not worth selling a £800 bag for £400 or prob less! I do think it is a classic, I don't love it as much as I did when I got it but I am keeping it. In all honesty though if I hadn't already got one and was buying a bag I would not spend £800 on it. I would buy something more subtle.
  10. I bought my bag because I LOVE it, not because it was an "IT" bag etc, in fact I went through NAP and looked at the bag pictures not the designers etc and only picked out bags I love the look of - the Paddy, Jimmy Choo Ramona, and a Miu Miu happened to be my favourites.....I'm sure most of us bought the bag for the same reaons. If that's the case then it doesn't matter if other people are carrying them or not, if you love it. No-one else in the world has your child or husband etc..., and it doesn't stop you taking them out and about!!! OK, pretty bad analogy I know!!! But I know what I mean!! :smile::smile:

    If you're into "popular" bags, cool and I understand that, but it sounds expensive as you'll need to buy a new bag or two each season just to keep up and the others (except classics in the making like the paddy, will just fade to the back of your wardrobe and be "out"). And, all so "people" will think you're fashionable. *sigh* I don't know!! This is my first designer bag and foray into the fashion world so I'm hardly one to talk - I was always into "IT" electronics and cars!! :shame::shame:

    I must admit the one thing I don't like is all of the fakes that are around because the Paddy is/was so popular- I've seen A LOT in Auckland now that I am noticing Paddy's......I worry about people thinking mine is fake, but there really is no comparison between the fakes I've seen and real thing. Besides I know it's real!!
  11. :woohoo::tup:i 100% agree with you!
  12. i also worry people just think mines fake, but there is a huge difference!
  13. I live in a Hoo in Minster and often drive out around Ket uk during the week. I see many fake silverados and paddys but hardly any are the real deal. When im out walking mine i have many people stop me and admire all my chloe bags.
    I was in Debenhams this afternoon and the sales assistant fell head over heels in love with my metallic gold Betty wallet. She loved my black Betty as well stating that this would be the bag she bought if she could only find the real thing.
    Id say all the Chloe designs were still at the top of peoples lists if they could only afford them,lol!
  14. I love my paddy's!!! I actually want more... To me they are gorgeous and thats all tha counts!
  15. You see a fair few Chloes around the posher shops in Winchester (UK), often on the arms of young and fashionable (and generally blonde for some unknown reason) women.

    I would imagine from the look of the bags, their owners, and the shops that I encounter them in that these are largely genuine.